Monday, October 24

Queen City

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Fabulous I hope!

For me this past weekend was full of haunted fun:
Friday I spent the evening walking one of the country's most endangered historical areas, The Gateway District of Over the Rhine, on a haunted tour.
This amazing tour was put on by American Legacy Tours.
A few friends and myself spent a little over 2 hours listening to stories of Cincinnati's German background, Over the Rhine and its' horror stories of disease, murder, and body snatching from graves. Some of these stories involved presidents, hospitals and even a local college.
I don't do well with scary movies but true stories of the past, especially about the beautiful city I call home, fascinates me.

Eric and I had such a blast we went back for a different tour on Saturday night.
On this tour we stepped foot in two extremely haunted buildings in the Gateway District with electronic devices used to detect the presence of spirits.
I felt like I was on a paranormal activity show on the Travel Channel or a member of the Ghost Busters!

After experiencing these two amazing tours I've already made future plans to attend a few of the company's other tours.
One being the Queen City Underground: Bosses, Breweries and Burials Walking Tour.
This tour actually takes you underground in the tunnels that run beneath the city.

I definitely suggest these tours for anyone in the Cincinnati/Newport area.
 If you aren't local, take a look at your city to see if there is anything similiar!


  1. looks spooky and fun!
    i love pre-halloween festivities :)
    every once in a while my sisters veg out and watch ghostcatching shows, our favorite is ghost adventures on travel channel - so dorky but so fun! :)

    enjoy your monday!!

  2. sounds like a spooktacular weekend! i love halloween and all the scary stuff that comes along with it!

  3. Love the haunted tours! My boyfriend and I did one last weekend in Boston it was so much fun! Both sound like so much fun (and I can't wait to hear about the underground one)!!!

  4. So fun of you to take advantage of the fun Halloween activities! My Hubs and I did a haunted cornmaze which was so fun! Loving the fall and hoping it stays crisp and cool (not freezing) for awhile longer. ;)

  5. OMGosh! I haaaate haunted houses!!! hope you had a faaaab time!!

    Miss you!! Sadly, I won't be back this weekend... b ut a lot of other "peefs" will!

    Love you!!!


  6. Fun weekend!! I have a little thing for scary houses, trails and historic sites with a touch of spookiness. Or at least around Halloween time. I'm a sucker for scary movies too!!