Thursday, June 28

Refreshing & Light


Ginger Citrus || Mexican Chocolate || Minty Grape || Strawberry Sunflower || Wild Berry

If your local forecast is anything like mine you are looking at temperatures at 100+ for the next couple of days.
So I thought I'd pass along a few recipes to help you beat the heat.
These 5 yummy popsicles are all under 100 calories. [thank you Self!]
And gives me the perfect opportunity to try out the popsicle molds I picked up at the end of season last year.
Now I just have to decide which recipe to try first ....

Wednesday, June 27

Statement Piece: Bib Necklace

{image via}

One || Two || Three || Four

If you are like me, and any other female blogger for that matter, you probably have a girl crush on Olivia Palermo. 
She is always stunning, has impeccable style, and ... ok really I want to be best friends with her. But honestly, who doesn't? One thing I've noticed about her is she loves a good statement necklace. Quite a few shots of her include a fun + pretty bib necklace layered over an amazing outfit. Above are just a few of the pieces I'm dreaming of.

What about you? Do you share my love for Olivia + bib necklaces?

Tuesday, June 26

Current Obsession: Shutters




Whether they are indoors, outdoors, used as a headboard, dressing screen, wall decor or even to display pictures I'm currently obsessed with shutters. 
So much that they have been added to the list of things I need for my bedroom. It's been almost 2 months since I moved and sadly my room still has a few projects but I think incorporating shutters in some way is a must. Which definitely means an antiquing trip soon, maybe this weekend!

Friday, June 22

Gap, Doing It Right


Have you all seen Gap's latest collection "We Love Outfits"?
I can honestly say I want each and every piece.
Not only are the outfits amazing but the mix & match abilities are endless.
If you haven't checked out these looks, you must!
To shop each of the looks above head on over to Gap.
Your wallet may not thank me but I bet you will!

Thursday, June 21

Happy Cake


I mean how gorgeous is that cake??
I have no words. besides WOW!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 20

Summer, It's Here!

Today is the first official day of summer. [YAY!] And although the warm + sunny days we've been having would make you believe summer has already stopped in and said hello, I couldn't be more excited! I've unpacked all my dresses + fun flirty tops and am ready to show them off.

Here's a few things that have me most excited about summer:

images via: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven 

Fun Maxi Dresses, Everything Grilled, Spontaneous Road Trips, Light Make-Up + Top Knots, Fresh Watermelon, Lazy Pool Days, and of course my favorite summer cocktail: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka + Lemonade

What about summer excites you?

Tuesday, June 19

Lately: Fathers Day Edition

Hello + Happy Tuesday! Sorry I was MIA yesterday.
Ever have a morning where as soon as you wake up you just know you should just go back to bed?
Well that was me yesterday
All I can say is thank goodness Monday is over!
So how was your weekend? Hopefully as wonderful as mine.
Since Fathers Day was Sunday, my brothers + their girlfriends made sure it was all about the dads.
We started a little tradition last year of doing a joint Fathers Day with my family and my oldest brothers girlfriends family.
We all meet in the middle at Cory & Sara's and spend the day celebrating our dads.
Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Here's a few snapshots of how we spent the day:

To see the rest of the weekend + other moments you can find me on Instagram @amanda_pattison_

Friday, June 15

Happy Weekend!


Just a happy+fun photo for your Friday.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 14

Something For Him

With Father's Day this coming Sunday the blogging world has been full of gift giving guides.
Such as the ones from: Liz and Viviana.
Each one with amazing ideas that would make any father a happy man.
Even stores are promoting their "best father's day gifts".
Following this trend is Yankee Candle, who recently rolled out their collection of "man candles".
The concept was to create scents geared towards men, which is not a new concept but definitely a great idea.
In the collection you will find scents such as Riding Mower and 2X4.
So if your father, or any other man in your life, is a candle man I suggest checking these out!
Or shop the collection here.

Wednesday, June 13

Herbs With Style: DIY

When I think of summer my mind immediately jumps to refreshing cocktails.
Specifically mojitos.
However, fresh mint will take over any garden.
But is this really a bad thing for a mojito lover?
So I've been on the hunt for separate planters/pots to grow my mint in.
I stumbled upon this adorable image on Pinterest and couldn't be more excited to recreate this.
All you need are a few terra cotta potschalkboard paint and you're set!

Tuesday, June 12

Etsy Shop Love: The Mane Message

Um, hi. Remember me?
I know, I've been gone awhile. 6 days to be exact!
So let me explain:
Have you ever had a [good] distraction? That comes in and takes focus off everything else?
Well that's what happened to me. Completely taken off guard but in the best way possible.
But I'm back and I promise I'm not going anywhere!

 On to business:
Today I wanted to share with you an Etsy shop [aka my newest obsession] I was introduced to while I was away.

Say hello to Mane Message, created by Olivia Hayward.
I'm sure most of you are familiar with Emi-Jay hair ties.
Well I was newly introduced. I know, where have I been hiding?!
Olivia has not only brought the function [no hair dents] of Emi-Jay but also a huge selection of fun colors, including tie dye.
 I mean who doesn't love tie dye? I know I do.
To find my choices above + lots more head on over to Mane Message
I promise you will love what you find!

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go!

Friday, June 1



Happy Friday lovelies!
I'm off to spend the weekend with my very best girlfriends from college to celebrate a wedding.
See you on Monday!