Monday, April 30


Well, I made it back from Chicago and let me tell you, the weekend ... amazing.
It was so good to see old friends, meet new friends, and especially celebrate the bride to be in a super fun city.
Can't wait for my next trip back!

The shots above are from on top of The Hancock Building.
{via Instagram - find me @amanda_pattison}

Friday, April 27

A Guide To Chicago

I'm off to Chicago for a fun filled Bachelorette party weekend with a few of my college girlfriends.
In my place today we have Liz from Sequins & Stripes {a Chicago native + my college roommate} sharing her "Guide To Chicago"!



Hello ES readers, it's Liz from the fashion + style blog, Sequins & Stripes, and I am thrilled to be covering for Amanda today while she is en-route to Chicago! Woo hoo! For those of you who didn't know, Amanda and I went to college together, were in the same sorority, and were roommates for two years. This weekend our sorority sister is celebrating her bachelorette in lovely Chicago so Amanda thought what better way to ring in the weekend than with a little Chicago guide of a few of my favorite things to do in the windy city!

I live in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, which is just one mile north of The Magnificent Mile, city shopping, the Chicago River, and the loop. I love LP for its residential neighborhoods, hole in the wall bars, dog parks, cozy restaurants, boutique shopping and quaint cafes. 

I have lived in Chicago my entire life {aside from my college years at Ohio State :)}. I grew up in the western suburbs and moved downtown the summer after I graduated. My field trips in grade school consisted of architectural boat rides along the Chicago River so I have always had a fond appreciation of our beautiful architecture and skyline.

Ask anyone you know from Chicago and I can promise that they will tell you that nothing beats a Chicago summer. My weekends typically consist of brunch here, shopping at the Green City Market, hitting the beach with friends, and dining al fresco at night.  I am already dreaming of a few summer soiree's in the making.

I highly recommend all of you making a trip to Chicago, especially if you never have, and stop by a few of my favorites:

I hope you enjoyed a few of my Chicago favorites! Don't forget to stop by Sequins & Stripes to find daily inspiration for a styled life {and a peak into my life in Chicago!}. Amanda, can't wait to see you in a few short hours! xo


After this I sure am excited to be in Chicago!
A HUGE thank you to Liz for stopping by today.
See you soon! xoxo

Thursday, April 26

Busy Day


Sorry for the lack of post today.
I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for a bachelorette party so today is busy, busy, busy.
Sadly the list above is not my to do list for the day
But be sure to check back tomorrow for a special guest!

Wednesday, April 25

Design Dilemma: Small Closet

With the move coming in a week, the rooms have finally been determined.
I will happily be moving into a dark teal room with all white trim and a gorgeous fireplace+mantel.
The one negative: small closet.
While I could find a beautiful wardrobe I'm loving the look of a few fun items being displayed on a clothing rack.
With a game plan in motion the images below served as major inspiration.





After browsing online I found that most store bought racks are sadly not as fun+unique as the racks above.
After some  searching on Pinterest I found two amazing industrial style DIY racks.
With the help of my best guy friend [who happens to be an engineer] I will be building my very own clothing rack!
This might be the project I'm most excited for!
{Since I now have a huge laundry list of projects needing to be done before the move}

{via 1, 2}

So cool right?
Needless to say I am anxious to get started and see it all come together!

Tuesday, April 24

Hopeful {Update}

Remember last week when I posted {here} that I was going to look at a vanity.
Well it's mine....
And such a steal at only $25!
It's currently an off white with dark teal trim but is in need of some love+new paint.
A project I'm extremely excited to start!

Friday, April 20

Basket Case

{images via}

When {av} gave this weeks Friday's Fancies theme of primped for a picnic I was pretty excited.
Especially since I posted here that I was longing for a picnic.
And while I put together a few darling outfits I kept finding myself being drawn back to the actual basket.
Maybe it's because I have two different baskets that I need to put to use.
I found way too many options, but these are a few of my favorites.

To check out some fabulous outfits perfect for a picnic jump on over to Long Distance Loving.
I'm sure to use a few for inspiration when I finally put together the picnic I've been dreaming of!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, April 19



Tonight I'm going to look at a vanity that will hopefully be exactly what I'm looking for.
If so it's coming home with me  and will get a fresh new look.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 18

Little Black Dress


While browsing Pinterest last night I stumbled upon the image above and was instantly in awe of the girls open back black dress. 
And with the pops of red, perfection!
A little black dress is a must for every girls closet.
And currently I've got my eye on two news ones I'd love to make mine.
The Falling Dots Mini Dress & The Luella Dress, both from Anthropologie.
If I had to pick just one it would definitely be the Luella Dress.
The lace+detailing+open back is to die for.

Falling Dots Mini Dress || Luella Dress

What about you?
Do you have a favorite little black dress?
Or maybe one you have your eye on?

Tuesday, April 17

Cupcake For One

Remember last week when I posted that gorgeous vintage ruffle cupcake?
Well ever since then I can't get cupcakes out of my mind!
And if you are like me, and live alone, the last thing you need is to follow a recipe that leaves 2 dozen cupcakes laying around!

I was first introduced to her blog by the same friend that showed me the vintage ruffle cupcake.
Katie's specialty is offering up healthy versions of those sinful treats we all love.
But what I'm loving are the recipes she calls "single lady cupcakes" OR what I call {a cupcake for one}.
The perfect solution to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Monday, April 16

Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
I'd love to hear!
My weekend was relaxing and uneventful.
Which was just what I needed since this coming weekend will be dedicated to projects.
{details to come next Monday!}

Saturday, April 14

Saturday Shopping + A Sale: Kate Spade

Got your eye on anything at Kate Spade?
Well today is your lucky day!
This weekend they are celebrating their friends+family by offering a 25% discount.
Just use the code FFSPR12 when checking out.
And hurry because the sale ends at 11:59 pm tonight!

Thursday, April 12

Vintage Ruffle

Yesterday one of my best friends shared with me this gorgeous cupcake she plans on making for Mothers Day.
I honestly don't know if I could eat this if it was in front of me.
It's too beautiful to eat.
Ok I'd cave but I'd feel a little bad. 
For any bakers out there you can find the step-by-step instructions on how to recreate this beautiful+tasty treat by stopping by Jessicakes.
Be sure to take a peak around, I promise you'll be impressed with what you find!

{image via}

Wednesday, April 11

Feeling Blue

Ok, so not blue, but teal!
With an upcoming move in May I could be coming home at night to a teal bedroom.
The rooms are still to be decided.
So lately I've got teal on my brain.
It is a shade I love {can you tell by my bloggie background?} but not one I thought I'd be working with in a room.
Definitely an exciting challenge! 
Oh, and did I mention the teal bedroom has a fireplace?
Non-working but one with an amazing white mantel and light green tiling.
I'll of course be snapping pictures to share the next time I'm in the space!

{images via}

Tuesday, April 10

Twinkling Stars

Having grown up in the suburbs I've always loved looking up to find a star filled sky.
Now living in the city I find the lights overpower the beauty of a perfectly clear, starry night.
Since being back from my grandmothers home where you won't find a light for miles I find myself wishing the bright city lights would disappear.
Since that won't happen I believe a weekend at my parents will be in my future.
What could be better than a bonfire+wine+s'mores all under a beautiful sky!

{image via}

Monday, April 9

Life Lately

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend like I did.
I'm back from grandma's with a few pictures I thought I'd share. 
And since it is Instagram Monday, I'm linking up over at a{little} dash of ash.
Pop on over to check out a few other Instagram weekends!

Friday, April 6

Pretty Florals

Happy {Good} Friday everyone!
I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead.
I'm off to Grandma's with the family but before I leave I had to share my flower power inspired look.
With spring in full gear and blooms everywhere I look {av} picked the perfect theme for this week.
I love florals, if you saw the inside of my closet you'd know how much that is true.
However, I haven't made the plunge to floral print trousers but I'm thinking it will happen soon!

{images via}

Thursday, April 5

Currently Loving: White+Gray Bedrooms

 With an upcoming move it has me rethinking the look of my bedroom.
Lately I've been finding myself drawn a crisp mix of white+gray+natural woods.
These are just a few images I've pulled together as inspiration.
But one thing is for sure, my take on this look will have a few pops of color!

{images via}

Monday, April 2

An April Fool's Birthday Feast

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate my father's birthday.
 I had asked for your help {here} to decide which dessert to make.
Well the winner was chosen and it ended the perfect birthday dinner.
Appetizer: Crab Fondue
Dessert: Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake 

PS: I highly recommend each of these recipes, especially the ice cream cake.
So easy and SO DELICIOUS!