Tuesday, July 31

Tuesday's Tune

Taking time to share my current obsession.
And when I say obsession I mean obsession, like been on repeat all day.


[Maroon 5: One More Night]

Stay Tuned!

Today is super busy but I'd much rather be soaking up some rays with my besties at the beach.


I'll be returning later with something more so make sure to stop back!

Monday, July 30

Signs Of Fall

I don't know about you all but I find myself wishing for fall.
The sunny day time skies and cooler crisp evenings made for a beautiful weekend.
And after picking up a few fall colored pieces yesterday I'm ready to switch out my entire closet to the mustard yellows, burnt oranges and chocolate browns I'm so fond of.
But since we still have all of August to get through, I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer!

Friday, July 27

Summer Treat

I'm [finally] back for a Friday's Fancies link up.
I am pretty excited about this week's theme: Favorite Summer Treat
When I think of my favorite summer treat it would have to be a refreshing mojito.
My vision immediately went to mint + emerald, both gorgeous shades of green.
To check out the other fabulous summer treat inspired outfits head over to Long Distance Loving.
Hope you all have a Happy Friday + a Fabulous Weekend!

Thursday, July 26

Let The Games Begin

If you are like me, you are pretty excited for tomorrow:
Opening day in London of the 2012 Summer Olympics!

There is something about seeing the top athletes from all over the globe that is so exciting.
From the first musical note in the opening ceremony to the final moments in the closing ceremony I  have always loved every thing about the Olympics.

[via]                                                                          [via]


Currently I'm super jealous of my cousin who landed an amazing internship with Ohio University.
She will be spending the next few weeks with 19 other students in London blogging about the Olympics.
I mean so cool! Right? I would have died to have had that opportunity while in college.
You can find their posts here.

Oh, and have you heard?
The Spice Girls are reuniting to perform at the Closing Ceremony!
No chance I miss that.

Are you as excited as I am?
If so what are you looking forward to seeing? A particular sport? Maybe a certain athlete?
I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, July 25

WishList Wednesday: Furbish Edition

Art Piece IV || Gem Coast Set - Pink || Ombre Ribbon Bracelet || Leather Pouch || Leather Tassel Keychain || Bow Earrings || Mint Mercury Footed Bowl || Silver Moroccan Leather Pouf || Fuchsia Ikat Pillow || Ombre Note Card Set || Bronze Pharmacy Lamp 

I've been in the new place since May 1st and sadly my bedroom isn't fully decorated.
Between my lack of motivation, prior engagements and pure laziness it's one hundred percent my own fault.
However, after spending yesterday lusting over the Furbish online shop I've regained my motivation.
Not only did I find my motivation but I also gained a wish list [one of many!].
The great thing about Furbish is that you can find fun + unique pieces that won't break the bank.
Which is why this little guy is making his way to my house!
So if you haven't already I suggest you hop on over to Furbish, you'll be sure to find something you need want!

Tuesday, July 24

A Part of The Big Day


Remember when I posted here that my brother had gotten engaged?
Well I have some exciting news to share!
Yesterday Sara, my brother's fiancee, asked me to be a bridesmaid in the wedding!
The whole thing is so exciting ...
My big brother, who was always there for me, who I could go to for anything, has found the one girl he loves more than anyone + can't live without and I am going to be a part of the day he makes sure he never has to.
I couldn't be more excited about having Sara as a sister and I'm so blessed that my brother found her.
They really are meant for each other. 

Monday, July 23

Vegas Vacation

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Fabulous I hope.

I'm back with more pictures from the Vegas trip.
Between being with my best friends and celebrating a wedding my first trip to Las Vegas was amazing.
And I can honestly say that being completely exhausted + sick after getting home was worth it!

The  groomsmen before revealing their outfits to the groom.

The Groomsmen + groom after the reveal.

The Groom with his Aunt[my boss] & Uncle


The Kiss

Mr & Mrs Hudson

 'Tattoos' by Joslyn

With The Girlfriends: Joslyn, me, Katie

On a side note I discovered two things:
 I wish I had taken more photos 
 My camera is terrible and I must buy a nice one pronto 
Any suggestions?

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Thursday, July 19

Country Fix

[Lee Brice: Hard 2 Love]

I guess it's better late than never, huh?
Last night turned into a late night visiting with family in from Oklahoma City.
And today was a day that couldn't have been any busier.
So here it is almost 11 at night and I'm just getting to post!
But it ended with discovering a new song.
And a music video I'm obsessed with due to the serious usage of old Edison light bulbs.
Check it out, it's pretty fantastic.

Wednesday, July 18

What Happens In Vegas ...

 As promised, here's a peek into my weekend in Las Vegas ...

The first night in town consisted of a huge reunion, celebratory drinks, karaoke, and of course bull riding.

The day of the wedding the groomsmen had a little surprise for Megan + Jason ... tuxedo t-shirts and tattoos.
I admit most people would not find this humorous; however, this was right up the bride and grooms alley since Jason had worn a tuxedo t-shirt when his mom was remarried in Vegas.
Following the ceremony was the reception which was held at Planet Hollywood. 

We later discovered the best man was given the ugliest rose. 
I found the bride gambling late night with some bling on her pumps.  
And my best friend and I had a third wheel during our picture.

You can find more photos from the weekend on Instagram @amanda_pattison_
And check back for more photos as I'm still working on pulling some from my camera!

Tuesday, July 17

An Engagement .... No, It's Not Mine!

 Well I made it back from Vegas in one piece, although totally sleep deprived. Which is why I was MIA yesterday.
The wedding was a blast and I must say my first trip out was amazing.
I know I promised you some pictures but those are being postponed until tomorrow.
Because while I was away I received some VERY EXCITING news:

My oldest brother, Cory, proposed to his girlfriend, Sara, while on vacation in Florida and she said yes!
If you can't tell I'm pretty excited to be getting a sister in law. Especially when she is as awesome as Sara.
And being a girl with two older brothers, having a new girl in the family ... perfect!
To Cory & Sara: Congratulations!
Love you both so so so much and can't wait to celebrate once you are back!


Wednesday, July 11

And I'm Off ...

To Vegas!
That is after an early A.M. drive to Columbus then a three hour layover in Chicago.
It's all worth it to have a long weekend.
But most of all to see one of my best guy friends get married.
 [and celebrate two birthdays]


I'll be back Monday with lots of pictures to share!
See you all then!

Monday, July 9

Destination: Las Vegas


This Wednesday I'll be jumping on a plane and heading off to Las Vegas to see one of my best guy friends, who I've known since kindergarten, marry the girl of his dreams. Now I must admit, this will be my first time in Vegas. Besides neon lights and heat, I'm not sure what to expect. 
I'm there Wednesday to Saturday, and I mean late Saturday, like red-eye late! 
So I'd love your help! What should I pack? Any must sees while I'm there? Restaurants to try? Shows to check out?
I'd love any advice, tips, and suggestions!

Saturday, July 7

Style Inspiration

Totally in love with the simplicity + style of a solid color maxi.
Perfect for weekend errands, lunching with friends or just enjoying the day.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 5



 Happy ...wait, what day is it? Thursday?
Was any one else as confused I was this morning when your alarm went off saying it's time for work?
I loved having a mid-week break to celebrate the 4th but it completely threw me off!
And left me with zero motivation to be in the office today.
I would much rather spend the day working in a space like the one above.
Or had I planned ahead of time, I would have taken these next two days as vacation.
Did any of you take that route? If so, I'm extremely jealous!
The good news is that tomorrow is Friday and that means the weekend!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Monday, July 2

Well Hello, July!


Happy Monday + Happy July!
I don't think it's possible but yesterday I turned my calendar to July. 
I mean really, where has this summer gone?!
This isn't me complaining in any way. Not when this month is packed full of all kinds of fun:
one of the best holidays, tons of birthdays + a wedding in Vegas [next week!]

What about you? Are you just as excited as I am? 
Any fun plans for this month?
I'd love to hear!