Thursday, February 28

Closet Craving || H&M Military Jacket

I've always been a huge fan of military inspired pieces. Especially when they come complete with a little sparkle like the jacket above. And what's not to love when it's paired with these super cute [and affordable] wedges. Baffled they are from Target? Yeah, so was I when I spotted them in the store. But I have to admit, I'm totally smitten and they make the perfect addition to this casual but chic look!

Any fabulous budget finds you've stumbled upon recently?
I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, February 27

My Life

a peek inside

Here's a few snapshots of what's been going on around here lately.

a new polka dot chambray dress complete with pearl buttons [via Marshall's]

a few of my favorite pieces displayed on my DIY clothing rack

pretty baubles that deserve to be seen [pink, Nordstrom || green, BaubleBar no longer available]

completed projects hanging on my wall || details to come!

tackled the DIY mouse pad found on The Everygirl

pretty ribbon from Michael's || $1 each

[all photos taken by me]

Tuesday, February 26

Wishing For

Flamingos On My Sweatshirt 

This happy little guy needs to be in my closet, immediately.

Sunday, February 24


image via

Simple and true.
Happy Birthday, Mom!


Friday, February 22

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Grace Kelly + Audrey Hepburn
image via

Happy weekend, friends!
I'll be spending the next few days with two lovely ladies: my roommates mom is flying in for the weekend and my mom's birthday is Sunday. Which of course means a yummy meal! I already have my dishes picked out. I'd love to share but I can't since it's still a surprise (mom pops in). Check back next week or follow on Instagram @amandapattison_ because the dessert, it's a good one!

What are you guys up to this weekend?
Planning to watch the Oscars?

Wednesday, February 20

Closet Craving || Wild Horses Skirt

Can you guys tell that I have a serious love for the fabulous patterns H&M is throwing our way? I mean, how cute is that skirt! 
Completely smitten. If only the weather was a tad warmer, I'd totally spend my Saturday bopping around town in the outfit above.

Tuesday, February 19

Take Me Away

to this place


Today is an extremely busy day and my mind is all over the place.
So I'm just popping in to share this gorgeous shot.
I've give anything to be enjoying a coffee and reading a book on one of those benches right now!

Monday, February 18

You Might Find Me


Happy Monday, friends!

I have some fun news that I've been dying to share with you all since the summer!
You may recognize these snapshots from when I posted them here. I mentioned then that I was "Celebrating with my best friend Brandon + lounging in his new downtown loft." Well part of the celebration was because he was chosen to be on House Hunters! His episode premiers tonight at 10 pm (eastern time). He filmed with another one of our good guy friends and I seriously can't wait to see them in action. Friends and family are gathering at Brandon's for a viewing party which will be sure to include lots of laughs.  
The snapshot of Brandon and I above was actually taken during filming. I popped in for a quick "bar scene" where I awkwardly gave a toast. And by awkward I mean I honestly have no clue what came out of my mouth once the camera started rolling. It was my "Old School" moment where I blacked out and just started talking. Only I'm nowhere near as cool as Will Ferrell. My guess is that I make zero sense, have a red face and I may even be sweating I'm telling you, I'm a little awkward so don't judge ...
They might have cut me out, also an option. They filmed for two full weekends which is a lot of footage to piece together so we aren't sure what made the cut. If they for some reason didn't cut me out, you'll find me in the outfit above [and probably laughing].

I guess we'll find out tonight!

Thursday, February 14

A Day for Love

image 1 || 2 || 3 || 4

Wishing you all a day full of laughs and love!

Wednesday, February 13

One Sugar Cookie Recipe

five yummy options

Just in case you still need a little something sweet for your Valentine ...

Each of the 5 treats above start out with this sugar cookie recipe.
Can't decide which one to make? Want to make two? Easy! Just double the recipe and you're all set!
Because who doesn't love a little sugar on Valentines Day?
 [images + recipes via]

Friday, February 8

A Special Weekend

with my future sister-in-law

image via

You guys, it's Friday!

Is anyone else as happy about that as I am? This Friday in particular is one I have been waiting for. Remember this post, where I shared with you all that my future sister in law asked me to be a bridesmaid? Well Sara (the future SIL), myself, and a few other bridesmaids are getting out of town for the weekend to try on dresses! Sara already has her dress [and it's gorgeous] so this weekend is all about the bridesmaids. She has planned such a fun weekend for us [a limo with champagne? um yea, count me in!] and I seriously can't wait!
My camera was the first thing I packed so be on the lookout for a few pictures next week!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, February 7

On My To Do List

DIY's I Want To Try

Heart Mug || Gold Leaf Tray || Gold Honey Bear Vase || Glitter Mouse Pad 

 The blogging world is full of so many amazing DIY's.
And right now I'm totally digging anything gold.

Lucky for me so are a few other bloggers:
Heart Mug via Gaby @ The Vault Files
Gold Leaf Tray via Eileen @ A Creative Day
Gold Honey Bear Vase via Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess
Glitter Mouse Pad via the ladies @ The Everygirl

Pretty awesome, right?
I think a DIY day is a must!

Wednesday, February 6

Closet Craving || The H&M Dress

On my last trip into H&M I was feeling a little bummed at the potential of not finding a single thing. I'm so hit or miss there, I'll find something I love on the hanger and once in the dressing room, it's seriously hideous on me! Does this happen to any one else there?
As I was about to walk out empty handed a fun print caught my eye and what do you know? OBSESSED. I mean, how fun is this dress? Pleats, pockets, a fun print and only $34.99. SOLD! It's also offered in taupe and green [more of a seafoam green] if the print isn't for you.
But if you love the print and want more of it, check out this skirt! Adorable.

I'm in two weddings this year so between the showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsals this dress is sure to make an appearance!

Tuesday, February 5

Wearing My Heart

on a sweater

It probably has to do with the fact that it's February and Valentine's Day is right around the corner but I'm completely smitten with any sweater or pullover that allows me to rock a huge heart. I'm borderline obsessed with the Heart & Stripes sweater above.
And for only $22.80 each, getting both wouldn't break the bank!

Friday, February 1

Healthy Appetizers

100 calories or less!

two topped bread slices: 100 calories

one crap cake + one tsp of sauce: 83 calories

two topped crisps: 71 calories

 one stuffed potato half: 96 calories

two pepper halves: 84 calories

I love appetizers and snacking, I actually prefer it to eating an entire meal. But what I don't like are the calories that can add up in such a small bite. And with the Super Bowl on Sunday I've been on the hunt for lighter appetizers I can serve up [and eat] that won't leave me feeling guilty afterwards. I found the recipes above and a few others [not pictured], all under 100 calories! on Cooking Light.
 I'm thinking any one of these could be a hit!

Will you be watching the game? If so, what's on your menu?
I'd love to hear!