Wednesday, September 26

Saturday Night + Lights

This past Saturday night family + friends were downtown celebrating my big brother's engagement. 
The building had an amazing rooftop view so I had to snap a photo of beautiful Cincinnati. Oh, and Great American ballpark was looking extra pretty since The Reds had clinched the NL Central title a few hours earlier.

You can find more snippets on Instagram @amandapattison_

Tuesday, September 25

Tuesday's Tune

[Maroon 5: Just A Feeling]

Perfect song for this rainy day!

Thursday, September 20

Pattern Obsessed

I don't know about you but I'm loving everything about this look.
 J.Crew, you sure know how to make my heart happy.

Wednesday, September 19

Loving Lately: Vintage Bed Frames




 As a little girl my big girl bed was set in a beautiful full size white metal bed frame. I can honestly say I didn't appreciate it until recently. Lately I've been loving the look of a vintage bed frame. I've been moving the furniture around in my bedroom and although my bed frame doesn't have the worn vintage look I'm thinking I might have to bring it out of storage. Especially after seeing the three beauties above!

Tuesday, September 18

Me & My Pig [On Furbish!]

Back in July I ordered this fabulous glass pig bank from Furbish. Sadly it was back-ordered (popular item!)
 Maggie at Furbish was extremely helpful and made sure to keep me updated on the status of my order. Once my pig arrived I got him in place [yes, I decided mine was a boy pig].  I was so excited I shared a snapshot on Instagram and also blogged him here. I sent Maggie a quick email to thank her for being so helpful and attached the image; she soon let me know that my little pig would be the newest addition to the website!
Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, September 13

Betty Crocker to the Rescue

On Saturday my best friend is having a few of us over to enjoy some homemade pizza + tasty cocktails.
A sort of mini housewarming in his new downtown loft, which I posted a sneak peek of [here].
I offered to bring something and it was no surprise when a dessert was requested, he knows I love to bake.
He asked for something easy and nothing super fancy, but of course I don't have to listen to him!
I've decided to make mini cheesecakes. Who doesn't love cheesecake? Especially when it's made as a finger food!
I found quite a few options at Betty Crocker and now have to decide which one[s] to make.

They all look super delicious and I couldn't go wrong with any of them.
I'm thinking I may go for the Cookies & Cream and mix it up a bit by using an Oreo cookie as the crust.
But then I'm stuck between the Pumpkin [hello, it is almost fall!] and the Ducle de Leche.

Update from yesterday's post: MY BEDROOM DOOR IS BACK ON THE HINGES. yay!

Wednesday, September 12

Taking A Day


I'm taking a break from the blog today to focus on life, work, projects ...

But can I tell you what happened before I go? My bedroom door fell off the hinges!
I mean really? That happens?
 Ok, so it does when it's a super heavy old wooden door that was held up by the smallest screws I've ever seen.
 I'm actually shocked it didn't happen earlier. Luckily all is safe and nothing was broken.
I'll just go ahead and add fixing the door to today's to-do list.

I'll back tomorrow ... when things are hopefully going a tad bit better!

Tuesday, September 11





September 11th will forever be in the hearts and minds of not only my generation but every person that experienced that tragic day eleven years ago. I will  remember every little detail of where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with on this day no matter how many years have passed.

Take today to remember the fallen and be thankful for the life we are given.

Monday, September 10

Sweaters With Character

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six

Hello, Monday!
Usually I'm not happy about returning to work but this amazing weather that rolled in over the weekend has me in the best mood! I mean today's high is only 73. Talk about perfect!
Something else that has me in a great mood are these darling sweaters and am quite obsessed with this gem.
I'm pretty sure I need, ok really want it.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Friday, September 7

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself


Any one else feeling this way today?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 6

Crazy About Pistachios

Last night I met up with a college girl friend at Yagoot, one of my favorite local frozen yogurt shops.
And I was pleasantly surprise to find they were offering a new flavor: pistachio. At first I was a little skeptical but after trying a sample I was instantly hooked. So much that I may go back to pick up a pint. 

So in honor of my new found love for all things pistachio here's a few tasty recipes I plan to try out:


They all look amazing but the question is, which do I try first?

Wednesday, September 5

Piece-y Pony


So I'm not even sure where to start or if I have the ability to explain how much I'm loving this tutorial [+ the ombre coloring!]. Last night while browsing around I landed on The Beauty Department and while this may not be new to some of you, it was to me and well, can you say obsession? I'm loving everything that Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine have done. They cover everything beauty related and the tutorials are endless which is perfect for some one like me. I'm usually pretty plain Jane when it comes to hair + make up, but with so many up coming weddings it has me wanting to branch out and spruce things up a bit. This piece-y twist may be exactly what I need. Or maybe this, this or this. Any one of these would be perfect for a wedding!
One thing is for sure, I better get practicing!

Tuesday, September 4

Weekend Scenes

Just a few moments from the long weekend:

My Furbish piggy bank found a home on my bedside table.
Received my brother + future sister-in-law's engagement party invite - designed by my other brother's girlfriend!
One of my favorite candles given as a 50th birthday present + gorgeous new earrings found at Francesca's.

Pulled out my favorite vintage sweatshirt in honor of college football - Go Bucks!
Spent a rainy Sunday inside watching the Labor Day Fireworks [a Cincinnati tradition].
Ran some errands in my ON safari vest + Francesca's animal print cross body bag.
Admired my favorite place as kid through my parents kitchen window: the playhouse my grandfather built.

How was your long weekend, do anything fun with the extra day?

Monday, September 3

It's Labor Day!


Hope you all enjoyed this extra day and soaked up the last bit of summer!

Saturday, September 1

White Hot

Well hello, September!
In honor of Labor Day I'm sharing a few of my must have white pieces.
What about you, any favorites in your closet?