Wednesday, March 27

Hey, sunshine ...

it's about time!

I haven't seen the sun it what seems like months. Ohio has to be one of the cloudiest states ever.
Luckily the sun decided to show it's face today which has me feeling happy and ready to bust out some fun sunnies!

Seriously, clouds, stay away!

Tuesday, March 26

Dear Maxi Skirt

image No.1 || No.2

I think you're pretty cool and I've got my eye on you.

Monday, March 25

Fun Nails

Perfect for Easter

How adorable are these nail tutorials from The Beauty Department.
And how appropriate with Easter right around the corner!
Go here to check these out + a few more.

Friday, March 22

Budget Finds

H&M: $25 or less!

Top $19.95 || Necklace $12.95 || Clutch $12.95 || iPhone Case $5.95 || Belt $5.95  
Dress $24.95 || Bikini Top $12.95 || Bikini Briefs $12.95 || Pants $17.95

Since it's officially spring, though you'd never know it with the current weather here in Cincinnati, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite warm weather finds that won't break the bank since they are all under $25 and if you want to take them all home, only $130.
Not too bad if you ask me!

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping :)

Wednesday, March 20


AM to PM

image via

Dear Anthro, I love everything you do. The End.

A Dreamy Kitchen

Target Threshold

image via

Sunday's are always spent at my parents hanging out, working on projects, and of course a delicious home cooked meal. Something else that's usually on the agenda is browsing through any of mom's magazines I don't also get. This past Sunday Country Living had me drooling over the new Threshold line at Target. The image that sealed the deal was similar to what's above but more even more amazing. Think butcher block counter tops, a rustic island/eating space complete with industrial stools, tons of windows bringing in an insane amount of light and open shelving like above. Yeah, my dream kitchen. So I jumped online to find what else Threshold had to offer my kitchen.

These are just a few of my favorites:

No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4

Truth: I seriously want everything = not ok with the bank account.

Tuesday, March 19

My Latest Purchase

I ventured into GAP over the weekend since I had a 40% friends + family offer and brought this pretty pink number home with me.
Want to know a secret? I am not a pink person. 
I think it's my mom and to be sister-in-law rubbing off on me.
Yep, I blame them!

P.S. In person this is much more of a bright neon pink!

Sunday, March 17

In The Wilderness

Red River Gorge || part two

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend and an even better St Patrick's Day! Did you all celebrate?
Nothing too exciting for me and since I never got around to it last week, here's round two of my trip to Red River Gorge.
If I only I was heading there instead of the office this morning .....

Friday, March 15

Hello, Weekend!

image via

I may have started my weekend a little early last night in honor of St Patrick's Day.
Can you blame me? It's hard to say 'no' to a frosty Guinness!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, March 14

Stumbled Upon

Retro Flame: Erika Fox

images via

While browsing H&M I recently stumbled upon Erika Fox of Retro Flame.
This girl has some mad fashion sense and is from Ireland, pretty cool huh.
Not to mention her red hair is amazing.
Seriously, she's cool and I want to be friends with her.

So what are you waiting for? 
Go check her out!

Wednesday, March 13

Dear Top Knot

image 1 || 2

Why can't I seem to get you right?
Is my hair too short? Maybe not thick enough?
I think you're very pretty, I wish you'd like me back.


Tuesday, March 12

Hidden Away

Red River Gorge

You may have noticed I went missing the last couple days and that's because myself and a few of my closest childhood friends decided to pack up and spend the weekend at Red River Gorge [Kentucky]. Here's a few of my favorite moments from our first day:


And of course there has to be a little clowning around ...


 More to come later this week!

Thursday, March 7

Wishing For

a pretty dress

And I think this one would be perfect!

Wednesday, March 6


 Cork Trivet Picture Hangers

I love a quick and easy DIY especially one that is budget friendly and this one checks all the boxes coming in right round $13.
Such an easy way to display a few of your favorite photos!

Cork Trivets (3 per pack) || $2.99 x 2

one || unwrap cork trivets and pull apart command strips
two || attach two command strips together the way you would strips of velcro
three || peel back the sticker from one side of the command strip and place sticky side down onto cork trivet
four || peel off remaining sticker and place trivets on wall 
add pictures, cards or whatever makes you smile!

So simple, right!

Tuesday, March 5

Currently Coveting

west elm Market

Twig Flatware - Brass || Kitchen Paper || Hanging Spice Rack

Have you all heard of the west elm Market? I'm guessing the answer is yes, but if not you must check it out. The idea is to offer up every day essentials that will make your life easier. 450+ items worth of easier, in areas like gardening, personal care, kitchen, furniture and a few others. My favorite items are those found in the kitchen. Mostly because they all have the perfect mix of farmhouse + industrial.
  I mean, how amazing is this wine console. Pretty sure I just found my next DIY project!

To browse the items above + more, go here.
I can guarantee you'll find something you love!

Monday, March 4

Mission Complete

my gallery wall

image via my instagram

Happy Monday, Friends!
I mentioned Friday that completing my gallery wall over the weekend was on the to do list.
Well, mission complete and I must say, I'm a little in love with the finished product.
Check back later this week to see a few more photos.

Friday, March 1

Happy Weekend + Happy March!

image via 

Happy Friday + 1st day of March!
Can you believe it? How is March already here! Good news is the 1st 'official' day of spring [March 20] isn't far behind!

The only plan for the weekend so far is getting together with all of my high school girlfriends for dinner. Some I haven't seen in what feels like years so I'm pretty excited to see all their pretty faces! Oh, and remember when I mentioned here I would be working on my gallery wall? Well, turns out it didn't happen ... so that is also on the agenda for Sunday - lucky for me one of my best friends is coming over to help!
   This guy and these pieces are just a few that will be going up on my wall.
I'll be sure to post a few pictures next week!

So what about you?
Anything fun going on this weekend?