Wednesday, January 30

Current Obsession

Pallet Walls

No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4

It's no secret that I have a strong love for industrial + rustic decor [I mean, image no.4, swoon!] which would explain why I'm completely smitten with the idea of a pallet wall. Oh, that and I love a great project, especially one that my wallet approves of. And last night while browsing through some of my favorite blogs I stumbled upon two amazing pallet wall DIYs [one and two]. Both bloggers mentioned it was a fairly easy task and since this is on my list of must have's - in my home that I one day own - I quickly bookmarked the sites to refer back to.

What about you, are you a fan of this look?
I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, January 29

Signs of Spring


Jump on today [today only] and receive a "surprise deal" off your online order!

I don't know if it's the crazy weather Cincinnati is throwing my way [it's currently 64 degrees!] but it has me all ready for spring. And completely ready to starting bring out my spring wardrobe. These are just a few items I'd like to add to my closet. Ok, really all of the looks above would be amazing. Because seriously, how cute is this top, this blazer, and these jeans? To bad it's going to be 20 degrees on Friday!

Shop these looks and more here.

Monday, January 28

'Round Here

Here's what I've been up to lately:

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Do anything fun? Mine was amazing, but it was mostly because I allowed myself to sleep in. Something I never do! Usually I'm up at 8am both Saturday and Sunday making my way to a spin class. But after not feeling 100% all week I thought I could use the weekend off. I think it was deserved, right? So between sleeping in, celebrating a friends birthday and wrapping up a project [will be sharing later this week] I had the best weekend and am ready for whatever comes my way!

Here's to kicking butt this week!

Thursday, January 24


Orange and Avocado Salsa

Today's post, well, I'm pretty excited about it. Why? It's my first recipe post, yay! I've posted recipes in the past but they've always been ones I've wanted to try. Today's recipe is one that I actually made and put my own little spin on! And believe you me, it's a tasty one!

I first found this recipe when my house hosted a National Championship viewing party. One of my roommates and another close friend are from Alabama [can you guess who I was rooting for?]. But with the game happening immediately after the holidays, aka after I'd already stuffed my face with anything and everything I could, I was on a mission to find something healthy. Especially since buffalo chicken dip, cheddar bacon dip, and pizza were already on the menu. Totally healthy, right? Knowing that I wanted to make a salsa, preferably a fruit salsa since they are my absolute fave, I jumped onto Google and found this yummy recipe:
Orange and Avocado Salsa
The original recipe calls for two large grapefruit but since I'm not a fan I made a few adjustments. It's a good thing I did because one of the roommates bfs is on a medication that doesn't allow for grapefruit. Since I took out the grapefruit I decided to add in more avocado, yummy!
 Here's my take on the original recipe:

Ingredients Needed:
three oranges
three avocados
red onion
jalapenos [i used the already sliced]
fresh lime juice

chop all ingredients and combine

Seriously, it's that easy! I didn't even measure the red onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. It was all to taste.
If you want more spice, add more jalapeno's or if you want less citrus and more creaminess, add more avocado.
Really, add anything you want! Salsas are so wonderful that way. Basically a bowl of yummy ingredients that taste amazing all mixed up!

Serve with tortilla chips and you are set.

Confession: I may have enjoyed the leftovers straight from the bowl with a fork, oops!


Wednesday, January 23

YouTube Obsession

Chester See

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence this week, a small health issue decided to pop by and say hello again so I've been busy trying to get back to 100%.
But I had to stop in and share this find. One of my favorite things to do is spend hours upon hours searching through all the amazing artists on YouTube, especially when I'm not feeling well! My newest find is Chester See, seriously he's one talented guy! Finding him also lead to being introduced to Tyler Ward and Lindsey Stirling (crazy talented on violin!). Seriously, one click can lead to finding a new favorite! And if you like what you hear make sure to check out his cover of Maroon 5's One More Night which features Alex G, another one of my favorites.
To find more of Chester See's music you can go here or here.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Saturday, January 19

Happy Birthday!

to my big brother

image via

Just popping in real quick to say Happy Birthday to my big brother, Cory.
We will be celebrating with good food, craft beers, cake and of course a little Buckeye basketball!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Saturday!


Friday, January 18

My Wallet's Biggest Enemy

Target You Own Me

No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4 || No.5 || No.6 || No.7 || No.8 || No.9 || No.10 || No.11
center image via

I have a love/hate relationship with Target. Love, because you can find anything you could ever dream of. Hate, because you can find anything you could ever dream of. I mean I walk in with a list but always manage to walk out with bags of stuff that, well, I don't need. That is, according to my wallet of course. But one reason I really love Target is because of the home decor. It's always the first section I visit. And how could you not when they are offering up the goodies above. I'm literally in love with every piece. Especially No.1, No.4 and No.10.

If you are in need of a few cute pieces be sure to stop by Target this weekend and check out their three current collections:
Passport, Modern Cottage and Cultivate

I'll go ahead and say 'I'm sorry' to your wallets now! But I did try to warn you ...

Thursday, January 17

Why Didn't I Buy You?

I really wish I had

 image via

Have you ever had regret when you decided NOT to buy something?

If so, then you totally understand what I'm going through. Over the weekend I visited some of my favorite antique shops. Of course I spotted a few things I would have loved to bring home with me but some how found self control and said no. Which almost never happens! Well one item in particular has been haunting my dreams since I walked away: a vintage wire basket with a gym locker vibe. It doesn't seem like much and it's hard to explain but let me tell you, it was gorgeous! And with my room having zero storage [and a tiny closet] I'm always on the hunt for unique pieces that will give my room a little eye candy as well as the storage I desperately need. So then why did I pass this treasure up?
I have NO idea!  A moment of insanity possibly ...

But you better believe I'll be stopping by this weekend to see if it's still there!

Wednesday, January 16

Obsession: Golden Globes

Helen Mirren

image via 

I know the blogging world has been full of reviews, best+worst dressed, and favorites from this years Golden Globes but I seriously can't take how gorgeous Helen Mirren looked in this Badgley Mischka gown. Talk about a total babe. Could she look anymore amazing? And her hair ...
If I only I had the courage to chop all of mine off, totally the cut/style I'd want!

Oh, and happy Wednesday friends, only two more days til the weekend!

Friday, January 11

It's the Weekend!

when all it's going to do is rain

image via

Happy Friday, friends! I don't know about your local weather but the forecast this weekend in Cincinnati is rain rain and more rain. Oh, and temperatures like this: today - 65, tomorrow - 69, and Sunday 55. Um, what is this? It is almost the middle of January, right? Last time I checked we are usually dealing with snow! Although, I'm not going to complain too much because rainy weekends are the perfect excuse to sleep in, cuddle up with a good book, have movie marathons, tackle any projects that I've added to my 'to do' list, and because it's completely necessary: clean my room+do laundry. So this weekend you can find me stomping around town in these (and yes they are the wide calf ... all thanks to spinning!), hopefully finishing this book, and using this and this to make some major progress on a couple of diy's.

What about your weekend? Anything fun planned?
If you are lucky enough to be getting the same rainy weather I am I hope you stay dry!

See you all on Monday!

Thursday, January 10

Industrial By Martha

Wait, what? Really...

Side Tables

I don't know when it happened but at some point I developed a strong love for anything industrial. 
Which prompted me to build this [with help from my best friend who happens to be an engineer] this past fall.
 Using two sources of inspiration [ one || two ] we ventured to Home Depot and made it happen. 
I am obsessed with how it turned out and love the fact that you can adjust the lay out by adding or removing a pipe or two. 
That and it's pretty awesome to have a few of my favorite pieces on display!
Ever since tackling that DIY I've been on the hunt for more that will allow me to add a few other industrial pieces to my bedroom.
I'm loving these three pieces I found on Martha Stewart and the side tables would make the perfect bedside tables.

Here's a few things I discovered while building my clothing rack that you might find useful:
1. piping can be expensive - I honestly had no idea - a little research + planning can be very helpful
2. copper piping will especially do damage to your bank account 
3. if you need to cut your pipe instead of getting a pipe cutter ask an employee!
[when making my rack we cut down a 10 ft piece to 3 equal sized smaller pieces]
4. piping can be 'greasy' make sure to grab a bottle of degreaser to wipe down the fixture before using
[I used this, which can also be used to remove grease stains from clothing!]

I'd love to get your thoughts!
Are you a fan of the industrial look or is it one you could do with out?

Wednesday, January 9

I'm Learning

How To Use My Canon T3i

 Last week I mentioned here that I had gotten myself a new camera as a "happy birthday to me" gift.
It is a purchase I had been wanting to make for quite some time but just never allowed myself to go for it.
After doing a little research and asking a few other bloggers what camera they use+love I finally made my decision:
Besides being a total amateur and having lots to still figure out, I'm in love. Best. Purchase. EVER.
Post college I decided to deactivate my Facebook account [say what?!] which is the main reason I started Eclectic Snapshots.
It was a way for friends and family to see what was going on in my life.
Overtime there has been fewer and fewer posts of 'my life' and I've decided that with a new year it's time to get back to the basics.

So here is what I hope to be the first of many posts that will give you a peek into my life. A Girl Behind the Blog post, if you will.
To get started I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments captured over the holidays:

Friends Christmas Party
this year's theme: Snow Pants or No Pants

Jason & Megan, Christmas Vacation anyone?

Ian, said he was going for the "distinguished gentleman" look

Brandon & Eric [+ Brandon's mohawk, a total surprise to the evening]

Jeff & Puck, the best of friends

 Favorite Holiday Moments
family Christmas details

the centerpiece I made for at my house

mom+dad's house: mom's childhood sled, a Flexible Flyer

Norman Rockwell, a Christmas staple

making Christmas cookies with Grandma, 90 years young!
**taken by my mom**

the Santa's hat that my oldest brother Cory wear's every year

a few of the presents I wrapped

I've signed up for a three hour class a friend referred me to which will hopefully teach me a thing or two.
Until then you'll have to overlook any photos that make you say 'what was she doing?!' or 'oh, my, that's just terrible!'.

And if any of you with a dslr camera know of any great tips, classes, or books I'd love any and all advise!

Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 8

Homeland Beauty

Claire Danes

Image 1 || 2

My love affair with Claire Danes first started when I saw Romeo + Juliet
And now I'm even more in love after watching Homeland. Have you seen it? Seriously, you guys, I'm addicted.
I had heard good things but never took the plunge then one low key Friday night with friends turned into a marathon.
I took a break after season one [literally it took over my life] but these winter months are the perfect excuse to jump into season two.

Because of my love I was so excited to see this new mommy and wife to a gorgeous man gracing the February cover of Elle.
You can find a 'behind the scenes' of her cover shoot here. Or pick up the issue when it hits newsstands on January 15th.

Monday, January 7

A Fabulous Sale!

Target + Neiman Marcus Collection

No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4 || No.5 || No.6 || No.7 || No.8 || No.9 || No.10

If I were to guess, most of you [if not all] have made your way to your local Target to take a peek at the Neiman Marcus lines.

Still have your eye on something?

Well I suggest you head on over to Target's website or run to your nearest store because right now everything is 70% off!
I stumbled upon this amazing sale over the weekend and brought home No.1 and No.6 since I received No.7 as a gift at Christmas.
We are talk about some major deals here people: Altuzarra Shaker - $14.99, Tracy Reese Dessert Plates - $11.99 ...

Happy shopping everyone!

Friday, January 4

The Weekend List

Happy Friday Everyone! I am so excited that the weekend is finally here. 
Sadly I feel this way even though I only had a 3 day work week. One thing is for sure, having a full work week next week is going to be tough! The first couple of weeks in January are always a bit of a struggle for me. I can't seem to get the holiday break off my mind and get my butt back into my every day routine. I'm hoping that my to do list for the weekend will help:

No.1 start working on a gallery wall - includes framing a few key pieces

No.2 organize my work space - def necessary since it doubles as a desk and vanity

No.3 begin working on a jewelry organizer - I even have the materials already!

images 1 || 2 || 3

I'm hoping to report back on Monday saying I was able to complete these three tasks as well as working out, a little cleaning, printing some pictures from over the holidays, and of course watching The Bengals (hopefully beat the Texans!).
But we will see how it goes!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, January 3

Couldn't Live Without || Hair Products


I'm sure you are all like me in that there are a few products you just couldn't live without. Cincinnati winters are especially rough on my hair, hello static! So when I stumble upon a good product it almost always becomes a staple in my routine. The products I use range in price, I'm not the type to buy all salon products nor all drugstore finds. If it works, I buy it!  One being a product that I've used since I was a kid.

So I thought today I'd share the products I couldn't live without:

BB Texture [Un]Dressing Creme
 This product is a recent find for me. During my last trip to the salon there was a stylist who was rockin' the most perfect beach waves I've ever seen. I stared at her, literally. I finally asked my stylist if she know how she accomplished the look. Since she wasn't exactly sure she called her over so we could find out. To my surprise it was done using this product + allowing your hair to air dry.
It works some serious magic on my hair. Not to mention it's perfect for the days I'm running a little late!

BB Thickening Spray
 Overall my hair is pretty fine. I have a lot of hair but it's just not very thick. My hair stylist recommend this and has been using it on my hair every trip to the salon. Spray before blow drying and it adds the perfect amount of volume and thickness. Plus it gives your hair production from hair dryers, straighteners, etc.

Johnson's No More Tangles 
Even with the use of conditioner I still need a little something extra to brush through my hair and this does just the trick. An added bonus: being that it is technically for kids (I've been using since I was 5 or 6 and you can find it in the baby section of Target) it's so gentle on my color treated hair and smells delicious. Plus the price is amazing, $3.69, such a steal!

BB Styling Lotion
  Also introduced to me by my hair stylist, this product is perfect for giving your hair that extra little control while styling. Allows for movement with just a touch of structure. I layer this on first, then use the Thickening Spray.

Beyond the Zone Dry Shampoo
Ok, so there are some days I just don't feel like washing my hair (or I woke up late) and my hair needs a little attention. I'm sure most of you have discovered the amazingness that is dry shampoo. Talk about life saver! I've even found that if my hair is freshly washed and it won't curl the way I want if I spray a little on that section it gives it a "dirty" feeling that results in the perfect curl!

I also couldn't curl my hair without this hairspray and since my hair is always colored - this shampoo and this conditioner do wonders.

What about you? Any must have products?
I'd love to hear as I'm always wanting to try something new!

Wednesday, January 2

A Wrap Up of 2012

Here's a peek at what I have been up to since I disappeared:
birthday celebration
puppy sitting
lots of family + friends time
as well as a few too many adult beverages

Even though I enjoyed my time away I'm so happy to be back!

Tuesday, January 1

New Year, New Me


 I've been away but will be back in full force this year.
Here's to having fun and really enjoying life in 2013.
Happy New Year!