Tuesday, November 12

Tuesday's Tune

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A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera || Say Something

This song is absolutely beautiful and is my newest obsession. Originally it was recorded by A Great Big World but was later re-recorded after Christina heard the song. Read all about it and watch the video of the interview  here.

Friday, November 8

It's the Weekend!

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Happy Weekend, Friends! Are you as excited as I am? The way this week was going I felt like I'd never make it to Friday. Luckily here we are and I'm still in one piece. The theme this weekend is be productive. There's a few items on my to-do list [pick out paint colors, print NYE invitations & get them in the mail, clean+organize my closet, edit pictures .... and the list goes on!] that must get completed ASAP and I've given myself until Sunday. Thankfully there are zero plans scheduled for the next two days so I'm thinking that completing the entire list will happen. But I'll be my own worst enemy I'm sure ...

I hope you all  have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 7

Food Cravings with FoodGawker




Autumn Minestrone || Pulled Pork + Creamy Apple Slaw Sandwiches || Buffalo Chicken Pizza

One of my daily stops in the morning is to foodgawker. This online website is constantly checking blogs worldwide and rounding up all things food in one place. While scrolling through if you see something you like you just click on the image and it takes you directly to the original blog post. Pretty genius, huh? With the chilly months starting to show face I've been craving warm comfort food, easy crock pot meals, and recipes that use fresh fall produce. Lucky for me it seems a lot of other people are as well because I've found a ton of yummy recipes. The recipes above are a few of the ones I plan on trying.

I just need to make sure I stay on my gym routine if I'm going to be eating all this yummy food!

Wednesday, November 6

Sparkle + Shine

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 This beautiful image showed up in my gmail inbox this morning and to say I'm swooning would be an understatement.
I"m pretty sure I need the Honeyed Lace Dress and the Gilded Paillettes Tote asap.
With the holidays right around the corner I know I'd have plenty of opportunities to pull them out of my closet.
Wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, November 5

Tuesday's Tune

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  Lady Gaga is usually hit or miss with me. But I was instantly hooked when I heard this song for the first time. Maybe it's because of my love for R Kelly [his music that is] or maybe because it's not normal Gaga. 
Either way, I love it and it will be on repeat all day every day ... until I burn myself out!

Monday, November 4

Benevolent Jewels

Frozen Mint Leaf Earrings :||: Sunset Over the Vineyard Necklace :||: Fall Fields Earrings

While browsing the internet this weekend I stumbled upon Benevolent Jewels, an online jewelry shop that offers an insane collection of beautiful baubles. This is a shop I wasn't familiar with so I did a little clicking around and found out that the shop was started by Michelle Trejo as a way to do what she loves and have it support different organizations and their missions. Which is why every three months 20% of the profits are donated to a new philanthropic organization. Pretty cool, huh.
  I already have these earrings and this necklace in my shopping cart and with the holidays right around the corner this shop is the perfect place to stock up on statement pieces for parties and gifts! So make sure to head over and shop!