Tuesday, October 23

... And Off She Goes!


Today one of my dear friends, Molly, who I've known since college, is setting off for a month long European get-away. She will be stopping in four dream locations: Paris, Switzerland, Austria, and London. Talk about jealous! Oh, and did I mention she is making the trip all by her lonesome? Can you believe that? I mean what an adventure! She recently started a blog of her very own and I can't wait to make sure she is safe stalk her travels.

Have so much fun Molly + can't wait to see you once you're back!


  1. Whoa, now that is courage!! I don't think I'd be able to do it but it sounds amazing!

  2. aweeee amanda you are SO sweet! i made it to paris safe and sound and spent the day exploring the neighborhood my flat is in {plus took a wee nap, as i was SO jet-lagged}. thank you for the kind words, can't wait to see you after thanksgiving!

    ps - that picture of the eiffel towel is amazing!

  3. How exciting!!! I wish I could sneak away to Europe for a month. She's basically visiting all my dream locations, too. And by herself? She's officially my new hero. :)