Thursday, December 13

A Holiday Tradition

No.1 Hangover Cures $9.99 || No.2 Drinking Games $9.99 || No.3 Turtley Awesome Shot Glasses $14.00
No.4 Bareware Set $19.99 || No.5 Sweater Flask $18.00 || No.6 Bottle Opener $8.99

I love Christmas. I mean, what's not to love when you have almost a month of friends, family, yummy food, delicious cocktails, festive decorations, mistletoe, twinkling lights, snow [hopefully!], pretty dresses and of course parties! One of my favorite things about holiday parties is when it comes time for the white elephant gift exchange. Since this is usually an adult game and a unisex gift is a must I tend to lean towards taking an alcohol related item. Always a safe bet!  I'll be attending my first holiday party of the season tomorrow evening so I thought I'd share a few of my finds this year ... all between $10 and $20! There may be a few fellow party goers following along today so I can't reveal my gift but I'll be sure to share that and the gift I bring home next week.

Do you love a good white elephant gift exchange as much as I do?


  1. These are so fun! I dont have one of these this year, but I love your picks.

  2. This is pretty much the only holiday that gets an entire month devoted to it and I love it. Great little finds here!