Thursday, May 16

Playful Options || TOPSHOP


Pom Pom Flippy Dress || Ikat Printed Pinafore Dress || Neon Jaquard Seam Shift Dress

If you were to take a peek into my closet you'd see it's full of fun+bold [and usually funky] prints. You'd also see very few solids and probably tell me I could use a lot more basics, but what's the fun in that?! Actually I'd have to agree with you if you did say that considering I just had to buy this due to lacking a basic black top. Is that normal? Probably not, so if you all know of any great solid basics pass them along!

However, when it comes to a party dress, give me pattern!


  1. LOL i am exactly the same. everything i own has quirky patterns, which sometimes makes it hard to find things to match :) i keep telling myself to invest in the basics but i am just drawn to more unique pieces!

    really love that pink dress by the way...wish we had a topshop in indianapolis!

  2. OK I would seriously take any of these dresses. The perfect palettes and patterns!

  3. i say yes to patterned dresses too, especially the far left dress. it is gorgeous! thanks for sharing

  4. I'm completely head over heels for that pom pom dress! (sneak peak: my diy for tomorrow has pom pom's in it :-)

  5. What pretty picks! I love that last pink one!