Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday's Tune

Oh Honey || Be Okay
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Soooo, I've been away for two weeks. What?!
Here's why:
I was supposed to have surgery last Wednesday but when I went in for a check-up with my doctor the Friday before he said no way. Well, for now that is. Chances are I'll still need the surgery but not right now. But because I was supposed to have surgery I spent a full week getting work squared away and training some one who would have been covering me while I was recovering which is why I was MIA the first week. Then last week, I just kept that break going. Partly because I wasn't feeling motivated or inspired due to not having the surgery. That might seem strange so let me explain. After dealing with this ongoing health issue for quite some time (since October!) having the surgery meant finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. And eventually that might still be the plan but for right now, I'm on hold. And without explaining all the gory details it actually means I'm healthy so I can't be to upset about not having the surgery. I'm just to the point where I want it to be done and over with!

So until then I'm just going to go with the flow and listen to this happy song!


  1. Oh no! Sorry you've been postponed. But glad you are 'too' healthy for it :)

  2. Oh so sorry it got postponed...I hope you're feeling ok at least. Ugh. So frustrating.