Tuesday, January 10

A Branch of the Family Tree

On Sunday I spent the day doing something with my parents that my mom has wanted to do forever:
Visit the Promont House is Milford, Ohio.
This Victorian style mansion was built around 1865 and was home to John M. Pattison, the 43rd Governor of Ohio.
He also happens to hold a place on my family tree ... kind of neat if you ask me.

The home was absolutely gorgeous: a grand staircase, intricate moldings in every room, and even 14 foot ceilings.
The home is now owned by the Milford Historical Society.
They have done an amazing job with the upkeep and decorating it as it would have looked in 1865. 
I wish I had more pictures to offer, however there was a "no photography" rule.
But I managed to sneak a few!


  1. This is gorg! I have never even heard of it! Looks like I will be making a trip to Milford soon! Thanks for the info ;) Gives me an excuse to eat at 20 Brix too :)

  2. WOW!! That house is gorgeous!! and how very neat to have the owner in your family tree!!

  3. I'm newly following you on GFC! I love these pictures. xoxo, eliza