Tuesday, January 24

Something for Him: Dosh Wallets

Now that the brother's birthday is over I can finally share.
For his big day I got him the Street style Dosh Wallet.
These wallets are amazing.
I had never heard of them, or even seen them for that matter.
That is until I grabbed dinner with a college guy friend who was in town over Christmas. {Thanks Mike!}
Dosh is an Australian based company which prides itself on helping you shed excess baggage from your wallet and streamline the content of your pockets.
The material used is a durable, water-proof polymer.
Which will sustain a longer life than say the everyday leather wallet.

If there is a man in your life I definitely suggest checking these out.
There is bound to be a style and color he will love.


  1. Fantastic idea!! Thank you for posting this - I think my husband would love one of these (and I'm always collecting gift ideas throughout the year) - They look really stylish + practical :)

  2. Nice review! I am owner of Wanted Wallets and came across this. I love the Dosh wallets too and agree they are pretty sweet! Just wondering, which colour did your brother? Hope he is loving it :)

    Keep up the great work