Tuesday, April 17

Cupcake For One

Remember last week when I posted that gorgeous vintage ruffle cupcake?
Well ever since then I can't get cupcakes out of my mind!
And if you are like me, and live alone, the last thing you need is to follow a recipe that leaves 2 dozen cupcakes laying around!

I was first introduced to her blog by the same friend that showed me the vintage ruffle cupcake.
Katie's specialty is offering up healthy versions of those sinful treats we all love.
But what I'm loving are the recipes she calls "single lady cupcakes" OR what I call {a cupcake for one}.
The perfect solution to satisfy that sweet tooth!


  1. Love it...because how many times have we wanted just one cupcake and don't want to make a whole batch?!? PS- I gave you a little award on my blog. Check it out if you get a moment!

  2. These look amazing... and yes, love the idea of just 1! I love her site too. Great healthy options!