Monday, April 2

An April Fool's Birthday Feast

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate my father's birthday.
 I had asked for your help {here} to decide which dessert to make.
Well the winner was chosen and it ended the perfect birthday dinner.
Appetizer: Crab Fondue
Dessert: Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake 

PS: I highly recommend each of these recipes, especially the ice cream cake.
So easy and SO DELICIOUS!


  1. o my gah. those recipes look so amazing, especially the butterfinger ice cream cake... definitely splurge city but i am SURE they were worth it...

  2. Oh love the recipes and LOVE that photo of you and are Dad.

  3. ahh so cute! and the food looks delicious! Happy Birthday to ur pop!

    love from San Francisco,

  4. The ice cream cakes looks deeeelicious! And the photo of you and your dad is precious :) xoxo, morgan

  5. It all looks delish... but that cake!? Seriously. Ridiculously tempting