Thursday, November 7

Food Cravings with FoodGawker




Autumn Minestrone || Pulled Pork + Creamy Apple Slaw Sandwiches || Buffalo Chicken Pizza

One of my daily stops in the morning is to foodgawker. This online website is constantly checking blogs worldwide and rounding up all things food in one place. While scrolling through if you see something you like you just click on the image and it takes you directly to the original blog post. Pretty genius, huh? With the chilly months starting to show face I've been craving warm comfort food, easy crock pot meals, and recipes that use fresh fall produce. Lucky for me it seems a lot of other people are as well because I've found a ton of yummy recipes. The recipes above are a few of the ones I plan on trying.

I just need to make sure I stay on my gym routine if I'm going to be eating all this yummy food!

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