Monday, November 4

Benevolent Jewels

Frozen Mint Leaf Earrings :||: Sunset Over the Vineyard Necklace :||: Fall Fields Earrings

While browsing the internet this weekend I stumbled upon Benevolent Jewels, an online jewelry shop that offers an insane collection of beautiful baubles. This is a shop I wasn't familiar with so I did a little clicking around and found out that the shop was started by Michelle Trejo as a way to do what she loves and have it support different organizations and their missions. Which is why every three months 20% of the profits are donated to a new philanthropic organization. Pretty cool, huh.
  I already have these earrings and this necklace in my shopping cart and with the holidays right around the corner this shop is the perfect place to stock up on statement pieces for parties and gifts! So make sure to head over and shop!


  1. love, love this...thanks for the intro! I love a new shop to browse!

  2. I love, love this!! So pretty! Thanks for the intro. I love a new shop to browse!

  3. So pretty! I'll have to check out this shop!