Tuesday, December 3

Life Update via Instagram


No.1 paint color options for a new project No.2 a favorite shot from my brother's wedding No.3 aerial view of Chicago before a quick layover No.4 snowy morning in Cincinnati No.5 pretty flowers from my boyfriend No.6 weekend baking

Hi friends! I feel like it has been forever and well, that's because it has! I'm so sorry for being away for so long. The last month has been a bit of a roller coaster ride due to an unexpected surgery, a few nights in the hospital and 2 weeks of recovery. I'm on the mend, finally back to work and getting back into my old routine. Which is a godsend since I realized I'm not one to lay around and do nothing. Cabin fever definitely set in after about 3 days which lead to watching the whole second season of Nashville, catching up on a few movies that were on my list, finishing two books and starting Eleanor & Park [so good!]. Had I been able to get up and move around I would have been working on the many projects I have piling up! 

But now that I'm back I promise it's for good and I'll never leaving you all hanging like that again!

all images via my Instagram @amandapattison_

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