Wednesday, December 4

Wish List: Birthday + Christmas

No.1 || No.2 || No.3 || No.4 || No.5 || No.6 || No.7 || No.8 || No.9 || No.10 || No.11

Since my birthday is just 3 weeks before Christmas I usually provide my family with one wish list.
Above are the items I'm hoping for this year. My number one would have to be the Canon printer, I use a Canon t3i and I REALLY hate going some where to print off pictures [such a process!] and having this at home would eliminate having to leave the house [I'm lazy!] and make my new goal to scrapbook more a lot easier and more obtainable.

Hopefully I've been a good girl this year and Santa takes care of me!

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  1. LOVE that bar tray! Happy Belated, girlfriend! xo