Friday, January 24

It's the Weekend!

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I know that it's winter and it's supposed to be cold [at least in Cincinnati] but I'm 150% over this weather. I wouldn't usually be such a baby about it but seriously? Negative numbers? Not only is that crazy but also, I'm freezing! And I know there are places like the northeast and Chicago that have it way worse than I do but after the last couple of winters being so mild I was definitely not prepared for what mother nature brought this year. Because of that I thought I'd make this weeks 'It's the Weekend!' post as happy and as bright as possible. Especially since the weekend forecast is more snow and I will need something to cheer me up!

Hope you all have a great weekend.
And stay warm if you are having similar weather!



  1. Such happy pictures! Makes me ready for spring!

  2. Its been so cold in South Carolina we are not prepared at all for it!