Monday, March 3

Instagram Snapshots

pretty floral scarves || happy nail colors || chocolates from the nation's oldest candy shop || the cutest decor at my college roommates home || scenes of working from home || rogue, one of the special guys in my life

I kinda checked out from life last week, sorry! After a few days off work, multiple doctors appointments and a trip to the ER I can finally say that I'm feeling a lot better and there is an end in sight! Woohoo! Since I disappeared I thought I'd share a few snippets of what's been going on [other than bad health]. Not pictured is the fact that I managed to watch both seasons of House of Cards. Can I get season 3, like now? If you haven't watched, I definitely recommend. Just be prepared for it to take over your life, so go ahead and chisel out some time.

So what have you all been up to? Fill me in, please! I've missed you all!

all images via my Instagram @amandapattison_


  1. that vintage 'v" {it is vintage right? it looks it!} is so cute. also loving the floral very springy :) oh and rouge is absolutely adorable!!

    1. Darci picked up the "v" while we were at the Country Living Fair this past summer in Columbus, so cute! And perfect for her new last name, Valentine!

  2. All your pictures are so pretty and filled with spring colors! Glad you are feeling better.