Monday, November 28

Guest Post: chartreuse & a twist

Kicking off this birthday filled week is the wonderful Brynn from chartreuse and a twist
I fell in love with her and her adorable blog the second I laid my eyes on it.
Her insane ability to find amazing thrifted treasures and her always gorgeous color crushes are just a few of the reasons I visit her everyday in this fabulous little blog world.


Hello, lovely readers of Eclectic Snapshots :) I am Brynn from chartreuse & a twist and I am so happy to be here today! Amanda and I originally bonded in the bloggy world over our shared love of vintage and thrift treasures...and then just recently found out that we are both Sagittarians :) Our birthdays are just a week apart...mine was just yesterday and Amanda's is Sunday! I am sharing my birthday MUSTS today...the "ingredients" {so to speak} to the perfect birthday! 

1. the birthday outfit is essential!!! every birthday girl MUST have the perfect birthday ensemble {and i'm thinking this hot little ensemble makes a perfect statement!}

2. fancy birthday cocktails are simply the best! what better way to get the {birthday} party started??!!!!!

3. eat beautiful cake! i can't imagine a birthday without some sort of cake! cheesecake,'s just a birthday tradition that is a must for me :)
4. shake, shake, shake it!!! i am such a shaker i just can't help it ;) dancing on my birthday is a major must...and it doesn't just have to be out & could be somewhere as simple as my own living room! i just love to let free and dance!!!
5. treat yourself...i am not one that expects gifts on my is not what it's all about for me...but I absolutely treat myself :) yep, that's right! i am all about treating myself for my birthday... because, truly, why not?!

so there you have it! the ingredients to a perfect birthday!!! amanda, i wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope that you get all of this and more :) thank you so much for having me over today!

xoxoxo brynn

A HUGE thank you and a Happy Birthday to my fellow Sagittarius, Brynn, for sharing these birthday festive ingredients. 
Any one of these would make a great addition to my celebration this coming weekend!


  1. I'm a Sagittarius, too! How fun! My bday is this Wednesday. I love this guest post, so great! Happily a follower of Eclectic Snapshots now! : )



  2. This is the perfect birthday post!! Happy Early Birthday to you! Brynn sure knows how to kick things off! :)

  3. Yayyy! Happy Birthday week my love!! xoxoxo

  4. Thank you so much for having me, Amanda!!! YAY for birthday week!!! I just know that yours will be fabulous!!! xoxoxo brynn

  5. This is such an adorable post!