Tuesday, November 8

More For Less

With Christmas coming faster than I'd like it's time to start getting in the gift giving mindset. 
I tend to check out the sale areas first to see if there is anything my friends and family would enjoy. I put myself on a budget for each person so hitting the sale section is a nice way to get more and spend less. Not to mention the sale at Urban Outfitters {my favorite store} is always a great place for one of a kind, fun, quirky gifts.

These are just a few of the items I'd love to give this year.
{I'm loving 3, 4 and 6.}

What about you? 
Any places you always check first when Christmas shopping?


  1. definitely agree with you for urban outfitters. they have the best things, especially cos they are so unique! i love all your picks especially the jewelry stand!

  2. I love finding items on sale at Anthropologie!! Always unique and fun!

  3. i love that artwork. let the sunshine. makes me think of warm weather and the beach. love your choices. uo is always great.


  4. I didn't realize UO had so many fun gift items! I am currently working on the IHOD gift guide and its making me want to buy everything in it! Must control myself;)