Monday, December 19

Christmas Pine

Happy Monday!
Today I woke up with Christmas trees on my mind.
It's probably because my parents finally put up their live tree last nightIt was put on delay since my parents were hosting my dad's side this year and my aunt is allergic to pine! 
So that meant no live tree until after the party.
We got it up last night and it's a beautiful tree!
I can't wait for the branches to fall so we can decorate it this week.
Christmas isn't Christmas until there is a decorated tree!


  1. These trees are gorgeous! I think the pink tree is so fun! If I ever have a little girl, I am so putting one in her room!

  2. I completely agree! Not to mention, the smell of pine is really so wonderful. Too bad your aunt is allergic. :( Love these images!



  3. So, so true!!! The decorated tree is key :) You must show us pics when it's all ready! xoxoxo brynn