Saturday, December 3

Saturday Surprise! Guest Post: Coral Cafe

Today we have another surprise guest that I'm oh so excited to introduce to you!
Drew, from Coral Cafe has popped in today and let me tell you, her post is gorgeous! 

Take it away Drew .....

I am so excited to be here to share some birthday wishes to one the sweetest bloggers around! 
Amanda sure deserves to have love, laughter and lots of sugary sweets around the week of her birthday!
Celebrate to your huge heart's content, love!!


Thanks for letting me join in on the celebratory week!
and have an exceptional 26th birthday!!


Wasn't that color palette amazing?
So fun and festive and perfect for any birthday!

Thank you so much Drew for stopping by today.
Stop back anytime you like!


  1. This orange doily print design is stunning!!! I want it on my walls!! :) Great blog!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me help celebrate your birthday week!! Hope you are filled with love and happiness on your big day!! ;)

  3. just love her blog and the happiest of days to you.

  4. Such a gorgeous color palette! Happy Birthday to you!!

  5. Drew always has the most brilliant boards. This is gorgeous!
    Two awesome ladies in one place!