Thursday, February 23

Dressing A Nook

I've always been a huge fan of a breakfast nook.
Especially ones that consist of a banquette, round table, fun chairs and eclectic accessories. 
So I was beyond thrilled when my mom passed along the weekly Houzz newsletter that had a feature titled "11 Ways to Dress Up Your Breakfast Nook".
The 11 tips that you'll find in the article are:
hang drapery
opt for a table that seats six
take note of your table's material
swap your chairs for something more sophisticated
ground the space with a rug
create a luxe banquette
or opt for a contemporary banquette
consider the style of your light fixture
paint the space a different color than the rest of the kitchen
All great tips if you ask me.
{To read the full article go here.}
One thing is for sure, a breakfast nook has been added to my list of must have items when searching for a home.

{images via Pinterest}

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  1. I love a good nook! We had one on our previous house and I miss it. Love that first one, it is so Mad Men-esque!