Thursday, February 9

Mission: Clean Room

Today's mission: CLEAN MY ROOM.
I'm usually an extremely clean and organized person.
But lately, my bedroom has looked like a bomb went off somewhere inside.
Don't get my wrong - my room isn't "dirty". 
Just piles of folded clean clothes, shoes everywhere, an unmade bed, you know, those kinds of things.
So today is all about getting organized ~ wish me luck!

{image via Pinterest}


  1. Did this on Saturday and kept it clean all week so far. It is literally spotless. I think the trick (for me) is to make sure I hang up my clothes each night...and put away clean clothes immediately. so much less overwhelming!

  2. We had a major cleaning spree last far we've kept it pretty clean! Hope you had a good weekend! :)

  3. Good luck!! I need to get to doing some laundry!! and then a little more organizing in my room!