Thursday, May 17

Food Network: Healthy Favorites

 Sweet and Sour Chicken // Walnut Pepper Relish Salmon // Grilled Steak with Tapenade // Orange Chicken Fingers // Grilled Chicken Tostadas // Crab and Avocado Salad

One thing I love to do is browse Food Network.
So I was presently surprised to find their latest feature: Healthy Weeknight Dinners.
73 recipes total.
Yes, you read that correctly, SEVENTY-THREE!
And let me tell you, having looked at every recipe you couldn't go wrong with any of them.
Above are just a few of the recipes I will be trying.
To find these recipes and the other 67 hop on over to Food Network.
I promise you'll like what you find.


  1. yumm these all look amazing! i'm going over there right now to check out the rest of the recipes. i'm always on the hunt for quick, easy and healthy food to make when i get home from work :) xx

  2. These look so delish! I'm getting tired of our weeknight standards so I might hop over and look for more inspiration. :)

  3. All of this looks SO good! Especially the salad :)

  4. Those orange chicken fingers looks amazing! Yum!