Monday, May 21

Productive Sunday

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Yesterday my two roommates and I tackled something that has been on our list since we all moved in:
organizing the kitchen
With three people, let's just say there was a lot of stuff and it was kind of all over the place.
We first had to take stock of what we had which meant opening all the cabinets + pulling things out.
Then we decided where things should be placed and adjusted the shelves.
[the cabinets are super tall and super deep]
After deciding what stays and what's not needed :: a lot of duplicates :: we loaded everything back in.
And I'm 100% happy with the end result.
We now have a well organized, perfectly functioning kitchen.
With an added bonus of actually knowing where everything is!

Not necessarily a fun project but one I'm glad to have completed.
How was your weekend?
Anything fun?
I'd love to hear!


  1. I totally need to be cleaning my place up. I needed to yesterday and just didn't do it :(

  2. Oh boy. You're right - that's not fun! But it's one of those things that you feel so much better about once it's completed! Cheers to you for being productive :)