Thursday, May 31

Target: Swim Suit Edition

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I have to be honest. I love Target. It's a huge enemy of my wallet.
I'm sure some of you are the same.
And if you're like me you walk in for one thing and end up walking out asking yourself why you have you one two full bags.
And in those bags? Things you want but definitely do not need!
One area I seem to find myself in lately is their swim suit section.
I'm pretty basic when it comes to a swim suit.
Usually a solid colored bottom and a bandeau style top - sometimes color, sometimes a pattern.
Definitely a mix and match girl.
But this season I'm super impressed with all the patterned suits I've been eyeing.
You could still use the pieces separately but how cute are the matching sets above?
You can find the suits I chose + tons more here.
Now if I only had a beach in my backyard ...


  1. I just bought the second suit combo but in blue stripes. I love it!