Thursday, June 14

Something For Him

With Father's Day this coming Sunday the blogging world has been full of gift giving guides.
Such as the ones from: Liz and Viviana.
Each one with amazing ideas that would make any father a happy man.
Even stores are promoting their "best father's day gifts".
Following this trend is Yankee Candle, who recently rolled out their collection of "man candles".
The concept was to create scents geared towards men, which is not a new concept but definitely a great idea.
In the collection you will find scents such as Riding Mower and 2X4.
So if your father, or any other man in your life, is a candle man I suggest checking these out!
Or shop the collection here.


  1. LOL I love these! My mom always has my parents' house smelling like flowers but I think my dad wouldn't mind just plain ol' grass scent!

  2. These are genius. I almost want riding mower for myself - I love the smell of fresh-cut grass!!