Wednesday, June 27

Statement Piece: Bib Necklace

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One || Two || Three || Four

If you are like me, and any other female blogger for that matter, you probably have a girl crush on Olivia Palermo. 
She is always stunning, has impeccable style, and ... ok really I want to be best friends with her. But honestly, who doesn't? One thing I've noticed about her is she loves a good statement necklace. Quite a few shots of her include a fun + pretty bib necklace layered over an amazing outfit. Above are just a few of the pieces I'm dreaming of.

What about you? Do you share my love for Olivia + bib necklaces?


  1. Loving all of these! Great picks!

  2. I love a good bib necklace. Love #2!

  3. I love to hate Olivia, that's for sure hehe!

    I am obsessing over that first necklace! I have one statement necklace and I love it but feel strange wearing it. I need to get used to it :)