Tuesday, June 12

Etsy Shop Love: The Mane Message

Um, hi. Remember me?
I know, I've been gone awhile. 6 days to be exact!
So let me explain:
Have you ever had a [good] distraction? That comes in and takes focus off everything else?
Well that's what happened to me. Completely taken off guard but in the best way possible.
But I'm back and I promise I'm not going anywhere!

 On to business:
Today I wanted to share with you an Etsy shop [aka my newest obsession] I was introduced to while I was away.

Say hello to Mane Message, created by Olivia Hayward.
I'm sure most of you are familiar with Emi-Jay hair ties.
Well I was newly introduced. I know, where have I been hiding?!
Olivia has not only brought the function [no hair dents] of Emi-Jay but also a huge selection of fun colors, including tie dye.
 I mean who doesn't love tie dye? I know I do.
To find my choices above + lots more head on over to Mane Message
I promise you will love what you find!

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go!

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  1. I love the colors in the Silk Collection - so gorgeous!