Tuesday, November 27

Help Me with My Birthday Menu!


One week from today I will be celebrating my 27th birthday.
One of my favorite traditions is how we celebrate birthdays in my family: 
we all gather at my parents and enjoy whatever delicious meal the birthday person requests
Since my birthday falls on a Tuesday, this Sunday will be the day I celebrate with my family.
Last year I asked for a low country shrimp boil and individual chocolate lava cakes, yum! 
 This year I'm a little stuck. I can have anything my little heart desires but I honestly have no clue.
The only thing I've decided is NO cake.
 Instead I've asked for brownie sundaes complete with my favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

But for the actual meal I need your help.
I'd love to hear what some of your favorite birthday dishes are!


  1. Happy early birthday to you! This is a fun tradition :) One of my favorites is fondue. We tend to save that for special occasions of our own!

  2. happy early birthday to you!! 27 was a great year for me, hope it will be for you too. hm.. what are some of your favorite dishes? start there, hope it helps!

  3. Love that pic! Happy early Birthday! Those brownies sound delish! You could evn do lava cakes, similar to brownies. I've done these in ramekins... So each guest has an individual sundae. :)

  4. happy early birthday! this is where pinterest becomes an incredible never-ending black hole.... so many recipes! it always leads to amazing food blogs too


  5. We always have party food and lots of nibbles on birthdays in my family and it is a tradition that i love! I definitely agree with Taylor above that Pinterest would be a great place to look for inspiration. Have a great time celebrating :) xx