Thursday, November 29


Over Thanksgiving break I spent the majority of my time in my grandmother's kitchen.
And while that is no different than any other trip up north, this year I took a strong liking to my grandmother's china.
She has two beautiful sets but my favorite has to be the china she received as a wedding gift.
White and mint trimmed in gold. Um, gorgeous!
And while I couldn't pack them in my bag for the trip home I did score two major beauties from my absolute favorite local antique mall.
Pretty much obsessed and I'm thinking they'd be perfect for styling a bar cart!
If only I could find a shaker and ice bucket to match ...


  1. Amazing finds! Love the gold acccents!

  2. Oh my, love the antique finds! I thought of you the other day... I found an old desk/table thingy that someone left behind at my apartment complex, so I swooped it and am going to refurbish. Yep, trash reminds me of you ;)

    MISSSS you! xoox