Wednesday, February 6

Closet Craving || The H&M Dress

On my last trip into H&M I was feeling a little bummed at the potential of not finding a single thing. I'm so hit or miss there, I'll find something I love on the hanger and once in the dressing room, it's seriously hideous on me! Does this happen to any one else there?
As I was about to walk out empty handed a fun print caught my eye and what do you know? OBSESSED. I mean, how fun is this dress? Pleats, pockets, a fun print and only $34.99. SOLD! It's also offered in taupe and green [more of a seafoam green] if the print isn't for you.
But if you love the print and want more of it, check out this skirt! Adorable.

I'm in two weddings this year so between the showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsals this dress is sure to make an appearance!


  1. love the dress, what a great color palette! and the kate spade bag is almost too cute for words :)

  2. Oh yeay!! I have a 100 credit to H&M!! love the dress