Thursday, February 7

On My To Do List

DIY's I Want To Try

Heart Mug || Gold Leaf Tray || Gold Honey Bear Vase || Glitter Mouse Pad 

 The blogging world is full of so many amazing DIY's.
And right now I'm totally digging anything gold.

Lucky for me so are a few other bloggers:
Heart Mug via Gaby @ The Vault Files
Gold Leaf Tray via Eileen @ A Creative Day
Gold Honey Bear Vase via Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess
Glitter Mouse Pad via the ladies @ The Everygirl

Pretty awesome, right?
I think a DIY day is a must!


  1. I really want to try to make the mug and the gold leaf tray! They look so easy!

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  3. Love love love that gold diy mug!!


  4. i am completely behind you on all four DIY's. give me a bottle of gold spray paint, and watch out!

  5. Can you even imagine how sassy you'd feel everyday with a gold glitter mousepad. I think that needs to happen immediately.

  6. Gorgeous! I love gold and that DIY gold leopard tray is too perfect!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. These are so fabulous! I need to try some of these too!

  8. I love how much you can create with those metallic pens

  9. I love that mug DIY! So much great inspiration on them interwebs. :)

  10. Oh this is the first time I see those gold bears, that is soooo cute!! Thanks for including my project here ;)

  11. ooooh a glitter mouse pad, um. yes!! i suddenly want one despite not being much of a glitter girl, that would be such a fun item at any desk