Monday, February 18

You Might Find Me


Happy Monday, friends!

I have some fun news that I've been dying to share with you all since the summer!
You may recognize these snapshots from when I posted them here. I mentioned then that I was "Celebrating with my best friend Brandon + lounging in his new downtown loft." Well part of the celebration was because he was chosen to be on House Hunters! His episode premiers tonight at 10 pm (eastern time). He filmed with another one of our good guy friends and I seriously can't wait to see them in action. Friends and family are gathering at Brandon's for a viewing party which will be sure to include lots of laughs.  
The snapshot of Brandon and I above was actually taken during filming. I popped in for a quick "bar scene" where I awkwardly gave a toast. And by awkward I mean I honestly have no clue what came out of my mouth once the camera started rolling. It was my "Old School" moment where I blacked out and just started talking. Only I'm nowhere near as cool as Will Ferrell. My guess is that I make zero sense, have a red face and I may even be sweating I'm telling you, I'm a little awkward so don't judge ...
They might have cut me out, also an option. They filmed for two full weekends which is a lot of footage to piece together so we aren't sure what made the cut. If they for some reason didn't cut me out, you'll find me in the outfit above [and probably laughing].

I guess we'll find out tonight!


  1. oh my goodness, how exciting for brandon {and you too}! i'm totally going to watch :)

  2. No way!!! how exciting!! Ok will try and watch...I have the seen the show a few times and is quite entertaining.

  3. Wait that is SO cool! Hah i am weirdly obsessed with Househunters (mostly international), but I'm glad I just read this post so I can catch the episode in time - i'm especially excited to check out this toast...haha

  4. how exciting!!! i would totally watch if i had :( i hope you made the cut...even if awkward, i am sure you were still adorable! XO Brynn

  5. OMG this is so fun! Who doesn't love House Hunters?! Hubby and I actually auditioned but in the end our Realtor wasn't up for it! BOO.

    1. Kristen that is so funny because my mom was actually Brandon's realtor and she did not want to be on the camera! She found a stand in for filming :)