Monday, February 3

The Start of a Smoothie Kick

Lately I have been wanting to find ways to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Overall I'm a very healthy eater and try not to eat too many sweets/snacks, some days that's harder than others! For breakfast I have a cup of coffee, a Larabar - these are my favorite, and 2 cuties or an apple. I'll snack on a combination of hummus and carrots, apple slices and caramel if I didn't have an apple at breakfast, some sort of granola or trail mix, or Nut-Thins and a Mini Babybel Light. Then for lunch it's usually soup, salad or sushi. For dinner it's whatever I feel like making (pasta/salmon/chicken/veggie burger/salad/soup/roasted veggies/etc) and if I'm not hungry I won't eat, that's terrible, I know!

So in an effort to make sure I at least have something for dinner I recently decided to either start juicing or making smoothies. After doing a little research, talking to friends and family, and figuring out which would fit my lifestyle best I decided on making smoothies. Also, I figured a blender would get more use in the kitchen than a juicer. I knew I wanted a blender that was compact (there are 3 of us sharing a kitchen) and came with a processing bowl as well as processor cups + travel lids, which lead me to the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse. And I managed to snag this guy up when it was on sale for only $60, love a good deal!

My next step was to decide on what smoothies I wanted to make. I am not a huge fan of bananas, the texture freaks me out and I don't really enjoy the taste. And I don't want to feel like I'm drinking a glass of leaves and grass. Lucky for me my sister in law recently purchased a Vitamix and was on the same mission to find green smoothie recipes and shared this website with me and has a ton of smoothie recipes pinned. I also found the recipes above and a few very helpful tips (freezing fruits, order of blending, and healthy additions) here. Between the 2 websites and Pinterest I should be able to find some recipes I'll like. 

Do any of you make daily smoothies? Have any go to recipes or helpful tips? Since this week will be the beginning of my smoothie kick I'd love any tips or tricks you all might have! And I'll be sure to share  any delicious recipes I find along the way.


  1. How fun!!! I love smoothies and the juices. Unfortunately I cannot make them a meal...I think I would die. I need to chew something to feel satisfied but I know these are so good for you. SO I get them as a snack. There are a few amazing places here that have juice favorite is a kale one with cucumbers and apple and ginger. Divine!

  2. Let us know how it goes. They look yummy!

  3. I love, love, love a good (and new) smoothie/juice recipe. Thanks for these!

  4. I was totally on a smoothie kick for a while last year, but kind of got away from it. I've been meaning to step up my game again so thank you for sharing all those recipes! Good luck with this...smoothies are Delicious!!

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  5. Right now I'm really into a peach/mango/banana/spinach thing. I don't like adding yogurt/milk but I use some water to get it all going. I've added chia seeds in the past, which I let soak in the water a bit. I usually have my smoothie for dinner on weeknights (or weekend breakfasts!) and I find if I just make one big one and sip on it for awhile, it keeps me from wanting more out of my meal. Happy Blending!

  6. These look so good! I try to juice every morning... but it turns out to more like 4 days a week.