Thursday, March 15

Can It

I stumbled upon this image while browsing Pinterest and instantly fell in love. 
From the crisp white to the pops of color.
One thing that stood out were the fun canisters on the counter.
I love canisters. 
They happen to be one of my favorite things to look for while at an antique mall or thrift store.
They can add that perfect amount of fun to any kitchen and can be found in all kinds of color patterns and material.
Although I already have a set for my kitchen these are a few {all found on Etsy!} I wouldn't mind owning:

One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six

{image via Pinterest}


  1. Agreed! I love those paisley blue ones, too bad I have a red kitchen!



  2. Right there with ya, canisters are adorbs! I'm hoping I can find some copper ones (vintage ones without the high price tag!)