Tuesday, September 18

Me & My Pig [On Furbish!]

Back in July I ordered this fabulous glass pig bank from Furbish. Sadly it was back-ordered (popular item!)
 Maggie at Furbish was extremely helpful and made sure to keep me updated on the status of my order. Once my pig arrived I got him in place [yes, I decided mine was a boy pig].  I was so excited I shared a snapshot on Instagram and also blogged him here. I sent Maggie a quick email to thank her for being so helpful and attached the image; she soon let me know that my little pig would be the newest addition to the website!
Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Um, cuuuute piggy bank! I'm in love. Mind if I copy you?

    1. So cute right?! Copy away - it's been the perfect addition to my bedside table!

  2. Thats awesome! Not to mention that pig is totally adorable:) Love your styling!