Tuesday, September 4

Weekend Scenes

Just a few moments from the long weekend:

My Furbish piggy bank found a home on my bedside table.
Received my brother + future sister-in-law's engagement party invite - designed by my other brother's girlfriend!
One of my favorite candles given as a 50th birthday present + gorgeous new earrings found at Francesca's.

Pulled out my favorite vintage sweatshirt in honor of college football - Go Bucks!
Spent a rainy Sunday inside watching the Labor Day Fireworks [a Cincinnati tradition].
Ran some errands in my ON safari vest + Francesca's animal print cross body bag.
Admired my favorite place as kid through my parents kitchen window: the playhouse my grandfather built.

How was your long weekend, do anything fun with the extra day?


  1. Love all of your photos!! Mendi recently went to ON for that vest and they were sold out. I love that little piggy bank! I might need it. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I've never smelled that Voluspa candle, but you better believe I want to...it sounds amazing! looks like you had a fab weekend, pretty lady! xoxo {av}