Monday, July 9

Destination: Las Vegas


This Wednesday I'll be jumping on a plane and heading off to Las Vegas to see one of my best guy friends, who I've known since kindergarten, marry the girl of his dreams. Now I must admit, this will be my first time in Vegas. Besides neon lights and heat, I'm not sure what to expect. 
I'm there Wednesday to Saturday, and I mean late Saturday, like red-eye late! 
So I'd love your help! What should I pack? Any must sees while I'm there? Restaurants to try? Shows to check out?
I'd love any advice, tips, and suggestions!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I love Vegas. I would say lay by one of their amazing pools, but lets be real, it will be too hot for that. Hands down the one thing I do not miss when I am in Vegas is a day at the Ceasars Palace Spa. For $45 you can use all of their facilities all day long. You can seriously make a day of it. Saunas, steam rooms, roman baths, tea, amazing showers. I'm jealous. Check out my vegas guide on my blog.