Wednesday, July 25

WishList Wednesday: Furbish Edition

Art Piece IV || Gem Coast Set - Pink || Ombre Ribbon Bracelet || Leather Pouch || Leather Tassel Keychain || Bow Earrings || Mint Mercury Footed Bowl || Silver Moroccan Leather Pouf || Fuchsia Ikat Pillow || Ombre Note Card Set || Bronze Pharmacy Lamp 

I've been in the new place since May 1st and sadly my bedroom isn't fully decorated.
Between my lack of motivation, prior engagements and pure laziness it's one hundred percent my own fault.
However, after spending yesterday lusting over the Furbish online shop I've regained my motivation.
Not only did I find my motivation but I also gained a wish list [one of many!].
The great thing about Furbish is that you can find fun + unique pieces that won't break the bank.
Which is why this little guy is making his way to my house!
So if you haven't already I suggest you hop on over to Furbish, you'll be sure to find something you need want!


  1. love them all...
    especially the pouf and the earrings.

  2. Wishlist Wednesday! Love it :)And loving that lamp. Great picks.

  3. The earrings and the bracelet need to be mine!!

  4. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.