Tuesday, January 8

Homeland Beauty

Claire Danes

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My love affair with Claire Danes first started when I saw Romeo + Juliet
And now I'm even more in love after watching Homeland. Have you seen it? Seriously, you guys, I'm addicted.
I had heard good things but never took the plunge then one low key Friday night with friends turned into a marathon.
I took a break after season one [literally it took over my life] but these winter months are the perfect excuse to jump into season two.

Because of my love I was so excited to see this new mommy and wife to a gorgeous man gracing the February cover of Elle.
You can find a 'behind the scenes' of her cover shoot here. Or pick up the issue when it hits newsstands on January 15th.


  1. i haven't seen "homeland" yet, but my dad received the first season on blue-ray for christmas so i'm planning on borrowing it from him next time i see him! they seriously watched the whole season in 3 days.

  2. She looks so good in these photos....I loved the movie she did where she was traveling with a friend in Asia and they got caught carrying drugs and were put in prison....don't remember the name but it was good! Have never seen the show but have heard good things....I'm behind...Have never seen mad Men or Downton Abbey....I need a few weekends of marathoning to keep up!

  3. I love Claire Danes! She's been wonderful ever since My So Called Life. I haven't seen Homeland yet but I'm thinking about adding it to my Netflix queue.