Thursday, January 3

Couldn't Live Without || Hair Products


I'm sure you are all like me in that there are a few products you just couldn't live without. Cincinnati winters are especially rough on my hair, hello static! So when I stumble upon a good product it almost always becomes a staple in my routine. The products I use range in price, I'm not the type to buy all salon products nor all drugstore finds. If it works, I buy it!  One being a product that I've used since I was a kid.

So I thought today I'd share the products I couldn't live without:

BB Texture [Un]Dressing Creme
 This product is a recent find for me. During my last trip to the salon there was a stylist who was rockin' the most perfect beach waves I've ever seen. I stared at her, literally. I finally asked my stylist if she know how she accomplished the look. Since she wasn't exactly sure she called her over so we could find out. To my surprise it was done using this product + allowing your hair to air dry.
It works some serious magic on my hair. Not to mention it's perfect for the days I'm running a little late!

BB Thickening Spray
 Overall my hair is pretty fine. I have a lot of hair but it's just not very thick. My hair stylist recommend this and has been using it on my hair every trip to the salon. Spray before blow drying and it adds the perfect amount of volume and thickness. Plus it gives your hair production from hair dryers, straighteners, etc.

Johnson's No More Tangles 
Even with the use of conditioner I still need a little something extra to brush through my hair and this does just the trick. An added bonus: being that it is technically for kids (I've been using since I was 5 or 6 and you can find it in the baby section of Target) it's so gentle on my color treated hair and smells delicious. Plus the price is amazing, $3.69, such a steal!

BB Styling Lotion
  Also introduced to me by my hair stylist, this product is perfect for giving your hair that extra little control while styling. Allows for movement with just a touch of structure. I layer this on first, then use the Thickening Spray.

Beyond the Zone Dry Shampoo
Ok, so there are some days I just don't feel like washing my hair (or I woke up late) and my hair needs a little attention. I'm sure most of you have discovered the amazingness that is dry shampoo. Talk about life saver! I've even found that if my hair is freshly washed and it won't curl the way I want if I spray a little on that section it gives it a "dirty" feeling that results in the perfect curl!

I also couldn't curl my hair without this hairspray and since my hair is always colored - this shampoo and this conditioner do wonders.

What about you? Any must have products?
I'd love to hear as I'm always wanting to try something new!


  1. I use the No More Tangles too! The water in London is very hard and chemical so I try and use something that is gentle and it works wonders. I have also recently jumped on the Moroccanoil bandwagon and even though it’s a little pricey, it works wonders! Can’t wait to check these products out!

  2. i have always loved aveda products...but i will most certainly be checking out the no more tangles as my hair is literally a rats nest 20 minutes after i brush it in the winter (dry air + fine hair + winter hats/scarves/coats rubbing up on my hair = tangles galore). miss you girl!

  3. IVE USED JOHNSON AND JOHNSON NO MORE TANGLES SINCE I WAS LITTLE TOO! its the only thing that works on my hair haha :)
    I'm your newest gfc follower! Happy New Year!
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  4. I remember going to the B+B salon in NYC back in the day!! Love their products! I do love Blake's hair....I watched Sisterhood of the traveling pants last night coincidentally!

  5. I love me some dry shampoo and I want to try that kind!