Tuesday, January 29

Signs of Spring


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I don't know if it's the crazy weather Cincinnati is throwing my way [it's currently 64 degrees!] but it has me all ready for spring. And completely ready to starting bring out my spring wardrobe. These are just a few items I'd like to add to my closet. Ok, really all of the looks above would be amazing. Because seriously, how cute is this top, this blazer, and these jeans? To bad it's going to be 20 degrees on Friday!

Shop these looks and more here.


  1. I am itching for signs of spring!!! I will definitely be feasting my eyes on these looks for a while :) XO Brynn

  2. so pretty! these outfits have me itching for spring now. however, it doesn't look like it will be here any time soon in london! x

  3. it's so funny, because in august i am just dying to pull out my chunky sweaters and boots...but by the end of january i am itching for spring!

  4. it's warm here today, too, & that has me wishing for spring, with all its bright colors & floral prints!

  5. ooh nice outfits by gap!! sounds like some freak weather you are having 64 in january, it is a cop-out though because i would think great winter is over and then nope not even close.

  6. Great picks! So ready for spring! :)

  7. Such cute looks! It's been really warm here too, I'm hoping its a sign of an early spring, fingers crossed X