Thursday, January 24


Orange and Avocado Salsa

Today's post, well, I'm pretty excited about it. Why? It's my first recipe post, yay! I've posted recipes in the past but they've always been ones I've wanted to try. Today's recipe is one that I actually made and put my own little spin on! And believe you me, it's a tasty one!

I first found this recipe when my house hosted a National Championship viewing party. One of my roommates and another close friend are from Alabama [can you guess who I was rooting for?]. But with the game happening immediately after the holidays, aka after I'd already stuffed my face with anything and everything I could, I was on a mission to find something healthy. Especially since buffalo chicken dip, cheddar bacon dip, and pizza were already on the menu. Totally healthy, right? Knowing that I wanted to make a salsa, preferably a fruit salsa since they are my absolute fave, I jumped onto Google and found this yummy recipe:
Orange and Avocado Salsa
The original recipe calls for two large grapefruit but since I'm not a fan I made a few adjustments. It's a good thing I did because one of the roommates bfs is on a medication that doesn't allow for grapefruit. Since I took out the grapefruit I decided to add in more avocado, yummy!
 Here's my take on the original recipe:

Ingredients Needed:
three oranges
three avocados
red onion
jalapenos [i used the already sliced]
fresh lime juice

chop all ingredients and combine

Seriously, it's that easy! I didn't even measure the red onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. It was all to taste.
If you want more spice, add more jalapeno's or if you want less citrus and more creaminess, add more avocado.
Really, add anything you want! Salsas are so wonderful that way. Basically a bowl of yummy ingredients that taste amazing all mixed up!

Serve with tortilla chips and you are set.

Confession: I may have enjoyed the leftovers straight from the bowl with a fork, oops!



  1. that sounds sooo good! sweet + savory is the perfect combination. loving the photos with the new camera :)

  2. yum, that sounds absolutely fantastic.
    i love a good sweet + savory combination any day!

    ps - your photos with your new camera turned out lovely!

  3. I am SO hungry right now!!! I need that delicious looking salsa in my belly...stat! XO Brynn